An imagined Texas conspiracy theory to get rid of Nebraska

Let me start off saying that I have no evidence of this, and I don’t necessarily believe that this was a conspiracy at all.  I’m not necessarily a cynical person, but I think it’s naive to believe that some don’t have ulterior motives.  Please don’t attack me because I’m not trying to start crap and I admit that this may be total BS.  But I do like to look deep into things and try to think if people may have other motives regardless of what they are saying.  What do you think, is this too far-fetched, or could it be a remote possibility?


After Nebraska was 1 second away from upsetting Texas in the Big 12 Championship Game, Texas believed that in the future, Nebraska, especially with an improved offense, would threaten Texas’ dominance in the conference.

As reports were circulating that Nebraska and Missouri were considering joining the Big Ten, this would be the opportunity for Texas to get rid of Nebraska and their threat of possibly becoming more dominant than Texas.

As the future of the Big 12 seemed in jeopardy, there were reports that Nebraska and Missouri were given ultimatums to stay in the Big 12 or go to the Big Ten, or 6 Big 12 schools would leave the Big 12 for the Pac 10.

Texas claimed that they wanted to keep the Big 12 intact, and leaked that the league could survive without Missouri, but the league couldn’t survive without Nebraska.

Many fall for this, like some of the other Big 12 schools, like the so-called “forgotten four” (ISU, BU, and Kansas schools) who pleaded with Nebraska to stay to save the league.

Everyone knows that the Big Ten and Delany desperately want Notre Dame, but Notre Dame wants to stay Independent in football and keep the rest of its sports in the Big East.  Delany knows that the only way to get Notre Dame was if the Big East and Big 12 imploded and there would end being 4 16-team superconferences left, Notre Dame would have to join one of the superconferences or would be left out.

Texas gets (the proactive) Delany to fall for the “the Big 12 can survive without Missouri, but cannot survive without Nebraska” rumor, and he hastily invites Nebraska to the Big Ten, hoping that the Big 12 would indeed implode, leading the way to the formation of superconferences, were he can also raid the Big East, which ends up forcing Notre Dame to join the Big Ten.

In the end, Delany was fooled, he miscalculates and the Big 12, and Big East, stay intact, and he does not get Notre Dame.  And Texas gets what they want, they get Delany to take away Nebraska, who in the future with an improved offense could threaten Texas’ dominance, to leave the conference.  Therefore, Texas secures its dominance in the conference.


What do you think, is this conspiracy theory too far-fetched, or could it have been a remote possibility?

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