Rock M Roundtable!

1 - If you had to pick one single player from the basketball and football rosters to play the other sport, which student-athletes do you select and what positions do they play in their new sport?

2 - Could have it affected Texas' decision to stay with the Big XII
if they had lost to Nebraska in the title game and all hopes of a national championship?  (This question seemed silly to me at first ... until I remembered the reaction to the 2008 snub...)

3 - Favorite Summer TV show

4 - Here's a combination of submitted questions.  What's the bigger "Um...what?" story of the last week: Prince declaring the Internet "OVER", or Snoop Dogg trying to rent out the entire country of Liechtenstein?

(90 minutes after distribution of questions...)

Bill C.: Test test this thing on?

Michael Atchison: 1 - For the basketball team, give me Aldon Smith, and let’s make him a combo forward, a defensive stopper who cleans up on the glass, a bigger Justin Gage.  That guy could play for Mike Anderson.  And for football, I’ll take the ball-hawking free safety Marcus Denmon.  Good length, great speed, terrific hands.

2 - I doubt it because the situation they would walk into could produce the same result.  They’d be going to a sixteen-team Pac-10.  The folks at Texas are pretty shrewd.  They know the math.  And they know that the chances of advancing out of a 10-team league are significantly better than advancing out of a conference that is 60% bigger.

3 - My son loves Wipeout, and my best pal John Anderson (OK, my casual acquaintance John Anderson) is the co-host, so I’m going with the Big Balls.

4 - Prince saying nutty things isn’t new (and, really, in the full context, it wasn’t that nutty), but trying to rent Liechtenstein is off-the-charts, even for a man of Snoop’s considerable non compos mentis reputation.

(20 minutes later...)

Michael Atchison: Looks like it’s just you and me here, Bill.

Clark Francis reports from the NBA Players Association Camp in the new Basketball Times.  Most of the local recruiting talk has revolved around three in-state kids – Bradley Beal (who is committed to Florida), Ben McLemore (who has gone from relative obscurity to national prominence in just a couple of months) and Otto Porter (something of an enigma at the small school division, and not playing the AAU circuit).  But a fourth Missouri kid – B.J. Young from St. Louis – caught Francis’s eye.  Francis rated Young as the number one shooting guard in camp and the number four player overall, and said he should be a lock for the McDonald’s All-America Game.  Rivals has him at number 33 overall in the class.  It has been a long time since there has been so much blue chip depth in the state.

McLemore was also at the NBAPA camp.  Francis rated him the number eight small forward, and he was not among the top 40 players overall.

Bill C.: I hate that we only have one(ish) scholarship to give in this class.  Would love to end up with Otto Porter (love that he grabbed 30-something boards in the state finals, and love that his name is Otto), but I'm not sure we'll have the room.  Ridiculous depth in the state of MO next year, and we might not actually end up with any of the players!  Still have my fingers crossed on McLemore, but it definitely sounds like KU will be tough to beat...screw you, Doug...

Michael Atchison: I’m going to guess that there will be two scholarships available.  Getting half of those four kids would be a coup.

ZouDave: It would be very coup...

1 - I'd take Dan Hoch on the basketball team as a post player.  6'7", 315, quick feet, yes please.  I like him to be able to block people out pretty easily, and he's not going to lose the battle for many rebounds.

If this question had been asked before the basketball season was over, I'd have wanted Tiller on the football team as a corner.  With that not being an option anymore (although technically he could play one year of football much like O'Liney did in basketball).  So I'd probably just have to take Dixon and put him at CB as well.  Dixon seems like a tough, fiery defender that could probably do some good in our secondary, but I honestly think Tiller could have been a very good football player if he'd chosen to be.

2 - I doubt it, because what would they have been gaining by leaving they couldn't have gained already?  If their complaint was about having to win a conference championship game to earn the National Title game, how would they be benefiting by going to the theoretical Pac-16 or the new Big Ten because those conferences would have had title games.  As a matter of fact, you could argue that the reason they opted to stay in the Big XII is because we're now at 10 teams and probably won't have a conference title game anymore.

3 - Friday Night Lights, and it's not close.  I'd actually say this is my favorite show on TV right now.

4 - Snoop Dogg did WHAT?  That one wins for sure.  WTF?!!  I'm going to have to read that article when I have time, but I'm on a conference call right now so I should probably pay attention to that.

Doug: Wow... I delay sending a response by a couple hours and we already have one "Screw you, Doug"? Fantastic.

1 - Um... Conner Teahen, quarterback. Actually, no, I'd try Markieff Morris at tight end. And, jeez... how about Kale Pick at shooting guard? I really have no idea on who from the football team would make the transition to basketball.

2 - No matter what the outcome of last year's championship game, Texas knows they have the Big 12 by it's collective balls, for however long it stays together. They'll make more money with 10 schools, even without a guaranteed conference title game in place (and I have a feeling, the Big 12 will manage to get an exemption from the NCAA) and if they find they're a little short one year, well, there will be that $20 million slush fund there to infuse the Texas bank account with a little bit more cash.

3 - In no particular order: Burn Notice, Warehouse 13, Royal Pains and returning soon, White Collar.

4 - Yeah, I'll have to go with Snoop Dogg, if only because it seems like a pretty radical departure from sanity. With Prince we know he's long since lost contact with sanity.

ghtd36: Hi. I'm still recovering from my little spill last night.

1 - Kendial Lawrence takes over as the basketball team's point guard, because he can simply levitate over everyone else and score at will. This would also make him a defensive threat. (Seriously, Kendial, I'm going to need you to step up this season; you're making my unwavering faith in you look bad.)

On the basketball side, uh...

2 - You're right, Bill: this question seems silly, likely because it is. I have a hard time believing that an institution as powerful as Texas would make a decision based on one game.

3 - I've been so disconnected with TV for a number of reasons. 1) Insanely busy. 2) Rangers baseball usually takes precedence over whatever is on television. 3) MLB 2010: The Show (if you don't own it, your homework is to purchase it. If you don't own a PlayStation 3, your homework is to purchase one, then purchase The Show. Sources say that Bill will reimburse you, and Mrs. Bill C. neither confirmed nor denied those reports).

But reason 4 is probably the biggest: I've been catching up on "The Wire", which (and I know I'm way late to the party on this one) is so good. I find myself wondering if it would be better to be a marginally dirty cop like McNulty, a total badass enforcer like Omar (the best character on the show, and if you disagree, you're wrong), a savvy businessman/drug dealer like Stringer, a dirty union head with a heart of gold like Frank Sobotka, a hands-off kingpin like Avon or The Greek, or a dope addict/snitch like Bubbles. OK, nobody wants to be Bubbles. But wow, is "The Wire" good.

Also, I'm in the middle of Season 3, and so help me Flying Spaghetti Monster, if anyone spoils anything for me, I will defriend you on Facebook.

4 - I'm not going to answer that question and instead substitute a conversation my brother and I were having recently: is Snoop Dogg the coolest person on the planet? Like, honestly, who do you consider to be the coolest person in the world? Jay-Z? He's got a strong case. What about someone like Buck O'Neil? That dude's pretty cool. I'm a little uncomfortable that I've only mentioned black guys;  what about someone like Willie Nelson? Or Roger Staubach? I mean, doesn't Ichiro have a case? Is there a right answer? Are there any horse socks? Is anybody listening to me?

Michael Atchison: Coolest Person on the Planet nominations:

Bob Dylan
Nick Lowe (he is, after all, the Jesus of Cool)
Louis CK
Damon Albarn
Fareed Zakaria

ZouDave: Buck O'Neil?

"This guy here is dead."
"Cross him off then!"

(Three hours later...)

Doug: A morbid Buck O'Neil joke to kill the Round Table.

Nicely done Dave.

ghtd36: Yeah, way to go, Dave.

/piles on

ZouDave: This roundtable here is DEAD!

Cross it off then!

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