Mizzou Football All-Time vs. FCS & D-1AAA Oponents

Since this will be the first time that Mizzou has faced McNeese State, I am taking a different tack this week.

I am posting EVERY series against any school currently in Division 1 that either plays football at the FCS level or is D-1 and does not currently have a Football Program.

You will see some interesting results...after the jump!


(Missouri leads 14-4)


11-4-1899        L    0-11            Des Moines, IA

10-26-1901      L    0-24            Des Moines, IA

10-17-1903      L    0-17            Columbia, MO

11-11-1908      W  11-8            Des Moines, IA

11-13-1909      W  22-6            Columbia, MO

11-9-1912        W  17-14          Des Moines, IA

11-8-1913        W  10-0            Columbia, MO

11-7-1914        W  33-7            Des Moines, IA

11-13-1915      W  41-13          Columbia, MO

11-18-1916      W  14-0            Columbia, MO

10-27-1917      W  49-0            Columbia, MO

10-25-1919      W  3-0              Columbia, MO

10-23-1920      W  10-7            Des Moines, IA

10-29-1921      W  6-0              Columbia, MO

11-3-1928        L    0-6              Columbia, MO

10-19-1929      W  20-0            Columbia, MO

10-25-1930      W  14-13          Columbia, MO

11-6-1931        W  32-20          Des Moines, IA

at Columbia, MO: MU leads 9-2

at Des Moines, IA: MU leads 5-2


Eastern Illinois

(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-13-2003        W  37-0            Columbia, MO



(Fordham leads 3-0)


1-1-1942          L    *0-2            New Orleans, LA

11-21-1942      L    12-20          New York, NY

9-22-1951        L    20-34          Columbia, MO

*-Sugar Bowl (1941 season)



(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-19-2009        W  52-12          Columbia, MO


Illinois State

(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-22-2007        W  38-17          Columbia, MO


McNeese State

(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-11-2010        W  50-6            Columbia, MO



Missouri State*

(Missouri leads 1-0)


10-6-1923        W  10-0            Columbia, MO

*Was known as Springfield Teachers College, then Southwest Missouri State University


Murray State

(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-2-2006          W  47-7            Columbia, MO


North Dakota State

(Missouri leads 1-0)


10-13-1956      W  42-0            Columbia, MO


Northwestern State (LA)

(Missouri leads 1-0)


10-3-1998        W  35-14          Columbia, MO


Saint Louis

(Series tied 10-10-1)


11-12-1904      L    0-17            Columbia, MO

11-11-1905      L    0-17            Columbia, MO

11-5-1910        L    0-3              St. Louis, MO

11-18-1911      L    0-5              St. Louis, MO

10-9-1920        W  44-0            St. Louis, MO

10-8-1921        W  32-0            St. Louis, MO

10-28-1922      W  9-0              St. Louis, MO

10-20-1923      T    0-0              St. Louis, MO

10-11-1930      L    0-20            St. Louis, MO

12-5-1931        L    6-21            St. Louis, MO

12-3-1932        L    6-19            St. Louis, MO

10-21-1933      L    7-13            St. Louis, MO

10-20-1934      L    0-7              Columbia, MO

11-7-1936        W  13-7            St. Louis, MO

11-6-1937        L    7-14            St. Louis, MO

11-19-1938      W  26-0            St. Louis, MO

9-28-1940        W  40-26          Columbia, MO

9-26-1942        W  38-7            Columbia, MO

10-4-1946        W  19-14          St. Louis, MO

9-20-1947        W  19-0            Columbia, MO

10-1-1948        W  60-7            St. Louis, MO

at Columbia, MO: Series tied 3-3

at St. Louis, MO: Series tied 7-7-1


Southeast Missouri State*

(Missouri leads 2-0)


10-3-1936        W  20-0            Columbia, MO

9-6-2008          W  52-3            Columbia, MO

*Was known as Cape Girardeau Teachers College


Texas State

(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-8-2001          W  40-6            Columbia, MO


Western Illinois

(Missouri leads 1-0)


9-2-2000          W  50-20          Columbia, MO


All totaled, Mizzou is 36-17-1 against current and former D-1AA/FCS schools.  Make of this what you will.

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