Missouri Men's Basketball All-Time vs. Texas A&M (Updated)

The Missouri Tigers vs. the Texas A&M Aggies has been a NIGHTMARE for Tigers and their fans for over SIX years now.  No matter how good Mizzou is, they have not been able to beat the Aggies ANYWHERE since sweeping the Aggies 2-0 in the 2004 season! (Remember LAST year when A&M broke Mizzou's home court winning streak?)

(For more info on the Aggies go here: I Am The 12th Man)

Anywho...the series is relatively a small sampling (only 19 games total between the two programs) and considering that A&M has been horrible in basketball for most of their history, it's about the right amount of times the teams have faced each other.  It will get real interesting for both teams when they face each other twice on purpose starting next year.

The series after the jump...

Texas A&M

(Missouri leads 11-9)


12-22-1969      W  *81-79        El Paso, TX

11-30-1991      W  77-47          Columbia, MO

12-5-1992        W  81-55          College Station, TX

First Year Big Twelve Conference

1-28-1997        L    57-61          College Station, TX

2-14-1998        W  73-60          Columbia, MO

1-9-1999          W  96-91          College Station, TX

1-29-2000        W  93-62          Columbia, MO

2-17-2001        W  97-90          College Station, TX

3-8-2001          W  @77-62      Kansas City, MO

1-16-2002        W  74-50          Columbia, MO

2-12-2003        L    71-73          College Station, TX

1-10-2004        W  82-77          Columbia, MO

3-11-2004        W  @74-68      Dallas, TX

2-5-2005          L    63-91          College Station, TX

2-21-2006        L    51-54          Columbia, MO

First Year under Mike Anderson

3-3-2007          L    78-94          College Station, TX

2-9-2008          L    69-77          Columbia, MO

3-7-2009          L    86-96          College Station, TX

2-3-2010          L    74-77          Columbia, MO

1-15-2011        L    89-91 OT   College Station, TX

* Sun Carnival

@ Big Twelve Tournament/Championship

at Columbia, MO: MU leads 5-3

at College Station, TX: TAMU leads 6-3

at Neutral Sites: MU leads 3-0

That was fun?!?  Anyway, Mizzou COULD have won the game but didn't.  But I have a sneaky suspicion that Mizzou and A&M will meet in the Big 12 Tournament/Championship...Just call it a hunch.  On to the MLK day afternoon game against longtime rival K-State!

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