Mizzou Links, 10-6-11

Photo via Bill Carter. Why this photo? Because if you dig deep enough into the post, you'll see a couple of actual football articles!


A few things disappointed me yesterday.

1. The "anonymous source says Mizzou really wanted the Big Ten" story got national headlines. My goodness. This drove me crazy for two reasons: A) Of course Mizzou pursued the Big Ten first. Remember 2010? That still happened. There are varying reports about just how strongly Mizzou pursued the Big Ten -- I've had pretty trustworthy people tell me both that Mizzou was just doing its due diligence in case the B1G showed interest, and that Mizzou and the B1G had basically reached a "done deal" agreement before Nebraska entered the fray -- but clearly something happened last year, and it isn't news. B) You can get a catty, anonymous source to say anything, and running with such a nothing story based on said catty source is lazy and done just to get people fired up. People are fired up enough already.

2. Mizzou fans predictably began turning on each other, both here and elsewhere. (Less here than in other places, but still here.) There are very legitimate reasons for hating the thought of moving to the SEC, and there are very legitimate reasons for wanting to leave. It's turned into a battle between factions. It is to be expected with a decision this potentially momentous, but it still isn't enjoyable. Yesterday reminded me constantly of my late buddy Jeffrey, who would have both been incredibly abuzz about all of these rumors, and who pissed me off and argued with me on a daily basis. Nobody ever frustrated me more than him, and at the end of the day, we still loved each other.

3. This comment isn't green. A Florida fan dropped some really interesting ideas regarding "SEC culture" and what it does or doesn't mean. Does Missouri feel pride and passion regarding Mizzou sports? Then Mizzou is a "cultural fit." I enjoyed this perspective.

Mizzou Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

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    MUtigers.com: Tigers' Rally Falls Short at No. 22 Oklahoma
    The Missourian: Two players keep Missouri volleyball team connected with strong communication
  • Mizzou Women's Golf
    The Trib: Despite slide at home meet, MU golfers positive
  • Mizzou Cross-Country
    MUtigers.com: Cross Country Receives Votes in National Poll


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