The Missouri Identity Game!

Welcome to the Missouri(ah?) Identity Game! As well all know, Missouri is a state that is extremely confused as to what exactly its identity is. We can't seem to agree on quite a few things. Are we more culturally Northern or Southern? Midwestern?... Is it Missouri or Missourah? Is Mizzou a basketball or football school? Union, or Confederate? Democrat or Republican? (Just kidding, please for God's sake don't bring up politics). Well, the only way to find out is to ask the people themselves.








If you're from Missouri, share your own experience on the questions you answer, and give a good reason as to why you picked the answer you picked! If you're not from Missouri, share your view from the outside in. If there are any good questions you can think of add them as you go! Questions after the jump!


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT intended to spark a vicious debate, so please don't be "that guy" and start jumping all over someone else for their opinions.

1. Is Missouri pronounced MissourEE or MissourAH?


2. Is Missouri as a WHOLE more associated with the North, South, or Midwest culturally? If you chose Midwest, please make sure to define "Midwest" as you interpret it.


3. Was Missouri (in your eyes) a more Union or Confederate state? (Historians, I KNOW the history behind Missouri's "technical" allegiances, and it was extremely confusing. This is just a question based on opinion.)


4. Which is more clearly identified with the state of Missouri (in your eyes), St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, or other?


5. Is Mizzou a "basketball" school or a "football" school?


6. Better food, KC or STL? Then, better beer, Boulevard or Budweiser? EDIT: Because this clearly isn't a fair fight, we'll leave it to this. Better beer, KC or STL? (Microbreweries included.)


7. Better vacations, the Ozarks (Table Rock Lake, Branson, etc.), Lake of the Ozarks, STL (and all of its fine attractions!), or KC? (And anything else I didn't mention!) ?



These are just a few starter questions I could think of. Add your own if any good ones come to mind!


(I don't even know how well this post will go over, but I can't stress enough to anyone who DOES decide to post, do not be "that guy" and start some ridiculous argument.)

FanPosts may be posted by any RMN member and may not reflect the views of the management staff of Rock M Nation or SB Nation.

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