The Fight Song Lyrics of the SEC...(plus a poll)

Because we are so used to "I'm a jayhawk", "Boomer Sooner", "Wildcat Victory" and the other fight songs of the Big 12, I thought we could delve into the world of SEC Fight Songs.

Two rules here...first these are the "official" fight song of each University (so no "Rocky Top" or "Glory to Old Georgia") with the "official" lyrics and two I don't own the copyrights to any of these...I'm just posting them here for reference...Most of these songs are available on the sports website of the University they represent anyway.

Without further ado...

 University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Yea Alabama

Yea, Alabama! Drown ‘em Tide!

Every ‘Bama man’s behind you,

Hit your stride.

Go teach the Bulldogs to behave,

Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave.

And if a man starts to weaken,

That’s a shame!

For Bama’s pluck and grit have

Writ her name in Crimson Flame.

Fight on, fight on, fight on men!

Remember the Rose Bowl, we’ll win then.

So roll on to victory,

Hit your stride,

You’re Dixie’s football pride,

Crimson Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide!!


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Arkansas Fight Song

Hit that line! Hit that line! Keep on going,
Move that ball right down the field!
Give a cheer. Rah! Rah!

Never fear. Rah! Rah!
Arkansas will never yield!
On your toes, Razorbacks, to the finish,
Carry on with all your might!
For it's A-A-R- K-A-N- S-A-S for Arkansas!
Fight! Fight! Fi-i-i-ght!


Auburn University

War Eagle!

War... Eagle, fly down the field.
Ever to conquer, never to yield.
War... Eagle, fearless and true.
Fight on, you orange and blue.
Go! Go! Go!
On to vict'ry, strike up the band.
Give 'em hell, give 'em hell;
Stand up and yell, Hey!
War...Eagle win for Auburn,
Power of Dixie Land!


University of Florida

The Orange and Blue (Full Lyrics)

On, brave old Florida, just keep on marching on your way!

On, brave old Florida, and we will cheer you on your play!

Rah! Rah! Rah!

And as you march along, we’ll sing our victory song anew,

With all our might go on and fight Gators.

Fight for Dixie’s rightly proud of you.


So give a cheer for the Orange and Blue,

Waving forever,

Forever Pride of old Florida,

May she droop never.

We’ll sing a song for the flag today,

Cheer for the team at play!

On to the goal we’ll fight our way for Florida.


University of Georgia

Hail to Geogia

(First Verse)

Hail to Georgia, down in Dixie,

a college honored fair, and true.

The Red and Black is her standard,

proudly it waves-

Streaming today and the ages through.

She’s the fairest in the Southland,

we’ll pledge our love to her for aye;

to that college dear we’ll ring a cheer,

All hail to dear (GO) old (GO)



(Second Verse)

Hail, our Varsity of Georgia!

Thy sons will e’er thy glory sing.

To thee we’ll ever be faithful, loyal and true;

ever and aye will thy praises ring.

Grand old time of ours at Georgia-

the happiest days they’ll be always.

Alma mater, fair beyond compare,

All hail to dear (GO) old (GO)



University of Kentucky

On! On! U of K

On, on, U of K, we are right for the fight today,
Hold that ball and hit that line;
Ev'ry Wildcat star will shine;
We'll fight, fight, fight, for the blue and white
As we roll to that goal, Varsity,
And we'll kick, pass and run, 'till the battle is won,
And we'll bring home the victory.


Louisiana State University

Fight for LSU

Like knights of old we fight to hold
The glory of the Purple and Gold
We'll carry through we'll die or do
To win this game for LSU
Keep trying for the final score
Come on you Tigers fight for more, for more
Come you Tigers fight, fight, fight
For dear old LSU.


University of Mississippi

Forward Rebels

Forward Rebels,

March to fame,

Hit that line and

Win this game,

We know that you'll

Fight it through,

For your colors Red and Blue –

Rah, Rah, Rah.

Rebels you're the

Southland's pride,

Take that ball and

hit your stride,

Don't stop 'till the victory's won,

For your Ole Miss.

Fight, fight for your Ole Miss.


Mississippi State University

Hail State

Hail dear 'ole State,
Fight for that victory today;
Hit that line and 'tote that ball;
Cross the goal before you fall,
And then we'll yell, yell, yell, yell!
For dear 'ole State we'll yell like hell!
Fight for Mis-sis-sip-pi State,
Win that game today.


University of Missouri, Columbia

Every True Son

Every true son, so happy hearted,
Skies above us are blue,
There's a spirit so deep within us,
Old Missouri here's to you (rah rah!);
When the band plays the Tiger war song,
And when the fray is through,
We will tramp, tramp, tramp, around the columns,
With a cheer, for Old Mizzou!

Hit it, Hooray, Hurrah,
Mizzou, Mizzou,
Hooray, Hurrah,
Mizzou, Mizzou,
Hooray, Hurrah,
And a "Bully" for Ol' Mizzou,
Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah,
Mizzou-rah, Mizzou-rah, Mizzou-rah,

Fight Tigers
Fight, Tigers, fight for Old Mizzou,
Right behind you, everyone is with you,
Break the line and follow down the field,
And you'll be, on the top, upon the top;
Fight, Tigers, you will always win,
Proudly keep the colors flying skyward,
In the end we'll win the victory,
So Tigers, fight for Old Mizzou!


University of South Carolina, Columbia

The Fighting Gamecocks Lead the Way

Hey, Let's give a cheer, Carolina is here,
The Fighting Gamecocks lead the way.


Who gives a care, If the going gets tough,
And when it is rough, that's when the 'Cocks get going.


Hail to our colors of garnet and Black,
In Carolina pride have we.


So, Go Gamecocks Go - FIGHT!
Drive for the goal - FIGHT!
USC will win today - GO COCKS!
So, let's give a cheer, Carolina is here.
The Fighting Gamecocks All The Way!


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Down the Field (Here’s to Old Tennessee)

Here's to old Tennessee
Never we'll sever
We pledge our loyalty
Forever and ever
Backing our football team
Faltering never
Cheer and fight with all of your might
For Tennessee.


Texas A&M University, College Station

The Aggie War Hymn

(First Verse-Not sung at games)

Hullabaloo, Caneck, Caneck
Hullabaloo, Caneck, Caneck
All hail to dear old Texas A&M
Rally around Maroon and White
Good luck to dear old Texas Aggies
They are the boys who show the real old fight
That good old Aggie Spirit thrills us
And makes us yell and yell and yell
So let's fight for dear old Texas A&M
We're gonna beat you all to
Rough, Tough, real stuff Texas A&M

(Second Verse-Repeated Twice)

Good bye to texas university
So long to the orange and the white
Good luck to dear old Texas Aggies
They are the boys who show the real old fight
'the eyes of Texas are upon you'
That is the song they sing so well
Sounds Like Hell
So good bye to texas university
We're gonna beat you all to
Rough, Tough, Real stuff, Texas A&M

Saw varsity's horns off
Saw varsity's horns off
Saw varsity's horns off
Short! A!
Varsity's horns are sawed off
Varsity's horns are sawed off
Varsity's horns are sawed off
Short! A!


Vanderbilt University


Dynamite, Dynamite
When VANDY starts to fight.
Down the field with blood to yield,
If need be, save the shield.
If vict'ry's won, when battle's done,
Then VANDY's name will rise in fame.
But, Win or lose,
The Fates will choose,
And VANDY's game will be the same.
Dynamite, Dynamite
When VANDY starts to fight!

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