SEC Speed Fan Challenge

It became official on Sunday; the University of Missouri is going to be joining the SEC.

The SEC schools are known for various things, nearly as varied as the cultural identity that the state of Missouri represents. One trait that is unanimously agreed upon by people with in, and lamented by people outside of the SEC is that they have more speed.  The source of this speed is as yet unidentified, however this post is not going to address the magical potential origins of this trait, rather how do we increase our speed?


Onward and upward Mizzou fans, or should the rally cry be; Forward and Fast-forward-er? 


In this Fanpost thread leave a comment consisting of something that you do that you can decrease the time it takes to accomplish it.  I would like this to be inclusive to all fans, please post whatever you would like to take on as a challenge. That statement is quite encompassing, so let's keep it PG-ish.


Consider this the first SEC-speed-post. Then we'll get another one posted the day Mizzou joins the SEC so we can verify that not only is Mizzou ready to join, but it's fan base is ready as well.

I will go back and calculate the exact amount of speed we've gained from now until then. We will have a calculated amount of speed gained and thus be able to gage our prospects in this new faster world.


Some ideas; 

A cookie recipe states that the cooking time should be 12 minutes at 325 degrees. Those are not SEC cookies and they shant be attending tailgates after this year. An SEC cookie recipe could be 10 minutes at 375 degrees. This would be a 2 minute gain in speed come the final SEC-speed-post calculation. These just look like they'll taste better. 

You can read a Harry Potter book in 8 hours. That's not SEC. Do it again, until you can read it in 7:45 , and thus helping the fan base 15minutes. Or not, lie about it and say you read the book in 7:55 minutes and that'd be ok to. It'd be creepy if we actually went through and made sure people increased their speed by what they will finally post. However, this is only a diservice to Mizzou, hiding it's cumulative speed increase will be found out on the playing field.

The amount of time that you decrease a stated event is not correlative to the importance of it. For instance, one posts a 200 meter time, and come July the same person drops their 200 meter mark by 0.5 seconds. At first glance this doesn't seem as important as the 15 minutes the Harry Potter reader dropped, but I argue we need to increase our speed in everything. This 0.5 seconds is just as important as 15 minutes of reading, because to fully embrace our newly found SEC-ness we must get faster in everything.  


Ok, RMN-ers, make your statement and give it a current time frame. We'll revisit this, and quantify our collective improvement towards becoming more SEC like. 

FanPosts may be posted by any RMN member and may not reflect the views of the management staff of Rock M Nation or SB Nation.

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