Missouri Men's Basketball All-Time vs. Baylor (Updated)

Now that the road win thing is out of the way, the Missouri Tigers come home to face the tough Baylor Bears.  Will the baby Bears trip up Mizzou at home or will Mizzou home dominance continue through to the kU game?

The series history after the jump.


(Missouri leads 13-10)


12-28-1946      L    *51-58        Oklahoma City, OK

12-16-1948      L    44-45          Columbia, MO

12-17-1948      L    42-49          Columbia, MO

12-5-1975        W  #105-70      Columbia, MO

12-12-1981      W  70-51          Columbia, MO

11-29-1984      L    88-103        Waco, TX

First Year Big Twelve Conference

1-14-1997        W  82-66          Columbia, MO

2-11-1998        L    80-89          Waco, TX

1-30-1999        W  73-55          Columbia, MO

1-18-2000        W  74-72          Waco, TX

2-24-2001        W  69-59          Columbia, MO

2-9-2002          L    80-81          Waco, TX

1-11-2003        W  77-69          Columbia, MO

2-21-2004        W  70-66          Waco, TX

2-16-2005        W  60-53          Columbia, MO

2-7-2006          L    64-90          Waco, TX

First Year under Mike Anderson

2-14-2007        W  78-71          Columbia, MO

3-8-2007          L    @83-97      Oklahoma City, OK

3-1-2008          L    89-100        Waco, TX

1-31-2009        W  89-72          Columbia, MO

3-14-2009        W  @73-60      Oklahoma City, OK

2-13-2010        L    62-64          Waco, TX

2-23-2011        W  77-59          Columbia, MO

* All-College Tournament

# Show-Me Classic

@ Big Twelve Tournament/Championship

at Columbia, MO: MU leads 9-2

at Waco, TX: BU leads 6-3

at Neutral Sites: BU leads 2-1

Now that Mizzou has beaten Baylor...Road test at K-State.  The Unholy Alliance is suspended until after Saturday's game.

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