Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Mizzou's road woes have been pretty well documented this year, but they've also had some disappointment in beating Texas Tech and losing to aTm by worse margins than previous games with them.  Let's take a quick look at that phenomenon, and see how Mizzou has fared against conference teams for the first and second time.

 For a quick refresher, these games will fall under the "playing for the first time" bucket:




Kansas St.

Iowa St.


@Oklahoma St.



Texas Tech



That's 6 home games and 5 road games.  Now for the return games:


@Iowa St.

@Kansas St.



v. Texas Tech

v. aTm


That's 2 home, 3 road, and 2 neutral.  So all in all, there isn't a drastic home/road split skewing the numbers here.  Now for the actual results, let's look at per possession scoring and defense:



Off. PPP

    Def.      PPP

Eff. Margin

1st Game




2nd Game





That's a pretty striking difference, with most of it coming at the offensive end.  That begs the question, what's causing that difference?  My thought is that the offense is not good enough without the defense.  Mizzou's defense last year put up PPP of 0.92 last year in conference.  Not only did that keep opponents' scoring down, but it provided the turnovers and missed shots that Mizzou needs to get points in transition.  To put it more bluntly, Mizzou's half court offense is too simple/predictable/unrefined to consistently beat quality opponents when they've already seen it once.

That conclusion is both means for optimism and cause for concern.  If you're more negative minded, you'd see that unless we ramp up the defense, and quick, Mizzou will continue to have issues when they get to the home stretch of conference play and in the conference tournament.  On a more positive note, it lends significant hope to the here and now, as Cincinnati(not to mention Duke, SDSU, Temple, Penn State, etc) has never seen Mizzou, and UConn has exactly one player(I'll give you three guesses) who was around the last time the two faced off.  So here's to surprising the tournament field with our offense, and bringing in the next JT Tiller and Keith Ramsey ASAP.

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