Mizzou Links, 7-13-11

For the record, Jon Hamm is unsure if and when Sheldon Richardson will enroll at #Mizzou and has no inside info on Dorial Green-Beckhamless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Mizzou Football Links

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of Aaron O'Neal's death. It's amazing reading the quotes in the PowerMizzou column below ... all these players who would become Mizzou heroes a year or two later were just scared, shocked kids. So much has changed in the last six years, but I just love the way Mizzou has kept AO's memory alive. That Zaviar Gooden was the first 'honorary' Linebacker No. 25 and has become an all-conference performer has only helped. We'll be hearing about the magic of the No. 25 jersey for a long time to come.

Other Football Links

I know as a blogger I'm legally required to love Mike Leach, but ... I love Mike Leach. Not convinced I'd want him coaching my school, but from afar? Love him.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Marcus Denmon: coachspeak expert.

  • PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Marcus Denmon
  • Recruiting (i.e. Purvis)
    PowerMizzou: Peach Jam: Day 1 recap

    STAR WATCH: Missouri's 2011 recruiting class is all but wrapped up, and the coaching staff is now turning its sole focus to 2012 and beyond. At 9 AM Tuesday, it was easy to see who may be the Tigers' top 2012 target. Head coach Frank Haith was in attendance to watch the nation's ninth-ranked player, Rodney Purvis, lead the CP3 All-Stars to a 76-63 come-from-behnd win over the Albany City Rocks.

    Purvis started slow, finishing the first half with just six points as he acted as more of a distributor in CP3's offense. That changed in the second half, however, as Purvis saw his team's three-point lead turn into a six-point deficit with around twelve minutes remaning. Purvis would score five straight points at that point and finished with 17. More importantly, he ended with ten assists -- many of those coming to 2012 four-star power forward Brice Johnson.

Other Basketball Links

Butler and Alabama? Fun.

  • Ken Pom Fixes Scheduling
    KenPom.com: Fixing opening week with ScheduleMatic

Other Mizzou Links


I consider myself a huge tennis fan, and I always have been ... but evidently I completely blocked out that 1998 French final linked below. I know everybody hated Hingis for being a bitch and all, but ... holy crap, was this impressive. Also: I still love Steffi Graf.

    Dirty Tackle: SI keeps U.S. women's team off cover fearing loss to France
  • Tennis
    Busted Racquet: YouTube Classic: Hingis nearly defaults against Graf in French final
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