Mizzou Links, 8-18-11

Justin Britt photo via Bill Carter.

You know what? The hell with it: I'm putting practice reports first this morning, no matter what else is going on. It's mid-August, and practice reports have been drowned out for the last week. Unacceptable. All the other stuff is after the jump.

Mizzou Football Links

It certainly appears that the offensive line is this year's linebacking corps, the unit that starts August tremendously deep and exciting and loses piece after piece as the season approaches. The good news, of course, is that the linebackers were still quite strong last year despite the losses of everybody from Luke Lambert to Will Ebner to Donovan Bonner to Josh Tatum. We were excited about the prospects of guys like Justin Britt and Jack Meiners; we're just seeing a bit more of them with the first string than we expected to.

  • Practice Reports
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Camp Chronicles: Shuffling the Line

    When the No. 1 offense squared off against the No. 1 defense in a red-zone drill, the offensive line had nearly undergone a complete makeover since Saturday's scrimmage. In less than 96 hours, only right guard Austin Wuebbels was playing the same position along the front five. First, the Tigers lost Ruth, who was replaced by left guard Jayson Palmgren, whose spot was filled by Britt. Then came Fisher's injury. When Fisher blew out his knee, Britt moved to left tackle and Meiners took over at left guard. With Britt out Wednesday, Anthony Gatti filled in for a few drills, but eventually Hoch made the switch to left tackle, which led Meiners to take over at right tackle, which led Hill to join the group at left guard. Confused yet? The good news is MU has some time to work out the kinks before the Sept. 3 opener. Is that enough time?

    PowerMizzou: Looking Ahead

    One player who has stood out to me the last two days is safety Daniel Easterly. His tall, lanky frame is a unique sight in Missouri's defensive backfield, and Easterly has stepped up his play. He made a few big hits on Tuesday, and is seeing more and more time with the first team defense.

    MUtigers.com: Camp Notebook: Defense Wins Practice #16

    The #1 defense was dominant early on when the top offense started near its own goalline, holding the offense to only short gains on several passes and run attempts. On one play, DE Michael Sam filled a gap and wrapped up TB De'Vion Moore for little to no gain. On another snap, QB James Franklin connected with TE Michael Egnew on a quick out, but LB Zaviar Gooden was right there to stop the play and hold Egnew to a short gain...

    Next, the teams flipped sides, with the offense taking over inside the red zone, near the 10-yardline. The second-string offense, led by QB Jimmy Costello, got the edge early. On consecutive plays, Costello found TE Andrew Jones on slants for touchdowns against the top defense. The defenders bounced back however, and forced an incompletion on the next snap, then DT Dominique Hamilton ended the series with a big hit on TB Greg White in the backfield, jarring the ball loose on the play. The offense recovered the fumble for a loss, but Hamilton's play was a big one...
    KBIA Sports Extra: PHOTOS: Mizzou fall practice, August 17, 2011
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Practice Film
    We Are Mizzou: Battle for the Black Jerseys
  • Wide Receivers
    The Trib: Walk-on Brandon Gerau continues to contribute
  • Offensive Line
    KC Star: Missouri offensive line faces another injury issue
    The Missourian: Missouri's Travis Ruth hopes to be next great center
  • Defensive Backs
    The Missourian: Kenji Jackson's leadership helps young group of Missouri safeties
    PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: On the Corners
  • Freshmen
    The Trib: One look was all it took for Michael Boddie
    PowerMizzou: Freshman Q&A: Earnest Payton
  • Maclin: HOORAY!
    Shutdown Corner: Eagles' Jeremy Maclin ready for football after cancer scare
    Post-Dispatch: Maclin says he's OK after cancer scare
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Maclin: "I'm healthy, ready to return to football"
    Fox Sports: Jeremy Maclin says 'I'm fine' after false cancer scare
  • Gabbert Might Not 'Redshirt'
    Big Cat Country: Jason Hill Thinks Blaine Gabbert Has "It"
    NBC Sports: Gabbert seeing increased first-team QB reps
    CBS Sports: Blaine Gabbert headed for the starting QB role?
    Jacksonville.com: Falcons join the mix at Jaguars practice
  • The Missourian: Tailgating lot gets new name, new rules
  • MUtigers.com: Coach Pinkel Thanks Marching Mizzou

Other Football Links

It's Big 12 Week for Doc Saturday...

  • Iowa State
    Dr. Saturday: Debriefing: Iowa State keeps it respectable, one upset bid at a time
  • Oklahoma
    Dr. Saturday: Oklahoma's got the hype, but does it have the defense to live up to it?


Navin Johnson Nevin Shapiro/Frank Haith Links

  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Clauses in Haith's contract regarding NCAA violations
    The Trib (Joe Walljasper): Better be proactive on Haith
    The Trib: MU contacted NCAA while vetting Haith
  • The Missourian: Missouri's Haith will cooperate with NCAA investigation of Miami
    The Missourian: Not known how Missouri will proceed with Haith situation
  • KC Star: MU's players, all without guilt, are in line of fire
    KC Star: MU's affiliation with Haith is now a bigger question than ever
    KC Star (Campus Corner): On Mizzou's vetting process of Haith and what could happen next

    When Missouri was checking Haith out in late March, there was no record of even an allegation against Haith in connection with the Yahoo! Sports revelations.

    Further, the NCAA official told The Star, had the NCAA Enforcement Department been engaged in a preliminary investigation, that department would not have been able to share that information with Missouri prior to a notice of allegations.

    "We can’t tell them anything," the NCAA official said, "because it hasn’t gone through the infractions committee. It is not fair to taint a coach if there no conviction, so to speak."

    That NCAA official also said that even a back-channel inquiry by Alden to NCAA officials of his acquaintance by NCAA practice should be rebuffed.

    But a source close to the Haith hiring process this afternoon told The Star that Missouri had, indeed, received information from a back-channel NCAA source that raised no flags about Haith.

    That same source also said that Missouri contacted more than 20 people who vouched for the "character and ability" of Haith, including Kirby Hocutt, who had just left his position as the University of Miami athletic director in February to become the A.D. at Texas Tech.

    Hocutt, through a Texas Tech media representative, declined to comment on Wednesday, just as did Alden.

  • Post-Dispatch: Haith's contract says he could be fired for violations at Miami
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou spoke with NCAA before hiring Haith
    Post-Dispatch: MU ponders fate of new coach under fire
    Post-Dispatch (Bernie Miklasz): Damage is done to Haith, Mizzou
  • Inside STL (Gabe Dearmond): Haith in hot water, but Alden should not be

    But since that initial knee-jerk reaction, both the Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch have published stories stating that more than 20 people gave Missouri their stamp of approval on the Haith hiring in April.  That includes the NCAA, a representative of which told the Star he had no idea Haith was involved in the scandal at Miami until reading the Yahoo! Sports report by Charles Robinson (kudos to Robinson, by the way.  The article is Woodward and Bernstein type stuff).

    So the NCAA didn’t know.  His colleagues didn’t know.  But Mike Alden should have known?  Don’t buy it. [...]

    Making mistakes is one thing.  And we all know that the kind of mistake Haith is accused of making is the kind that costs coaches careers.  But other coaches can overcome those mistakes and survive.  Often times, it’s not the mistake that buries a man.  It’s the cover-up.

    As for Alden?  Perhaps he was misled.  Perhaps he was flat lied to.  It does seem to be something that has happened a little too much for Tiger fans.  In the cutthroat business of college athletics, it appears being too trusting may be a problem.  But it’s not one that should cost Mike Alden his job.  There’s only one person in this story with Tiger ties who should be sweating his future in Columbia.  I’ll give you a hint:  It isn’t Alden.

  • ESPN.com CBB Blog: Haith's Mizzou contract covers violations
    ESPN.com CBB Blog: What comes next for Miami, Missouri?
  • Shapiro Only
    MGoBlog: ESPN Is The Last Guy On Earth To Find Out About Miami
    SI.com (Stewart Mandel): Credibility of NCAA enforcement will be tested by Miami Hurricanes allegations
    Wall Street Journal: University of Miami Hurricanes Near 'Death Penalty' Territory?
    The 7th Floor: Mo' Money Mo' Problems: The Real Ugly Truth for Miami
    Dawg Sports: Random Musings on Hurricane Nevin
  • K-State Too
    KC Star: Report says Brown brothers got benefits from Miami booster

Other Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Remember When Marcus Denmon Playing for Team USA Was The No. 1 Mizzou Basketball Story?
    MUtigers.com: Denmon, Team USA Win By 60 Over Finland
    The Trib: Denmon scores 10 as Team USA blows out Finland

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    MUtigers.com: VIDEO: Volleyball Elementary Sign-Up


God, I loved goofy old Arvydas Sabonis.

This Twitter account amuses me.

And an update to Dogs Playing Poker.

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