Mizzou Links, 8-19-11

No Frank Haith / Shapiro links below -- I'm creating a separate post for that.

Mizzou Football Links

Terrell Resonno's nickname is "T-Rex." I approve. I also approve of Mizzou getting strong contributions from Andrew Jones and Trey Hobson this year.

  • Scrimmage Reports
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Defense wins another scrimmage

    Kendial Lawrence must really like plays that start on the 40-yard line. He ripped off his third 60-yard touchdown run in two scrimmages, this time, finding a crease through the middle of the No. 2 defense all the way to the end zone. Gary Pinkel was asked if Lawrence continues to separate himself from the other tailbacks, but Pinkel didn't exactly anoint Lawrence the clear-cut favorite son of the backfield. "On that play, you know he’s got great speed and hit a crease," Pinkel said. "Maybe if some of the other guys hit the same crease they could’ve made it as well. He's working hard and he’s competitive, but we’re going to play all three of those guys." That would be Lawrence, De'Vion Moore and Henry Josey. Does that mean Greg White doesn't factor into the carries? Not sure, but he looked good on a 13-yard TD that, albeit, came against the No. 3 defense.

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Thursday Scrimmage Stats
    MUtigers.com: Defense Wins Thursday Scrimmage, 12-8

    James Franklin later led the #1 offense into field goal position against the #2 defense in the two-minute drill. Needing only a field goal for the simulated win, PK Grant Ressel calmly drilled a 50-yarder to take care of business. Backup PK Trey Barrow also made an 18-yard field goal to cap the two minute drill for the three offense against the three defense. A key play on that drive was a broken play where QB Ashton Glaser improvised outside of the pocket and found TE Stephen Drain for a catch and run that totaled 59 yards and went down to the 1-yardline.

    PowerMizzou: Scrimmage Standouts

    Among the standouts on the defensive side of the ball was Dominique Hamilton, who was noted by a couple of observers as perhaps the best player on the field.

    "He's got first-round potential," said fellow defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson.

    Hamilton's biggest contribution is on the field, but Richardson noted Hamilton's tutelage has helped the junior college transfer make the move to Division One ball himself.

    "It could have been a whole lot harder, but has made it easy. Him and T-Rex (Terrell Resonno," Richardson said. "They really took me under their wings."

    KC Star: Former KC prep stars make comeback push at Mizzou

    But by the end of their junior seasons, the two former Kansas City-area prep football players [Andrew Jones and Trey Hobson] had spent more time on the sideline than on the field in often frustrating careers as seldom-seen Tigers.

    So perhaps it was more than understandable that Jones punctuated a diving 21-yard pass reception with a Tiger Woods-style hand chop of celebration midway through Missouri’s second full scrimmage of the preseason Thursday.

    Perhaps many could allow themselves a little bunny hop of excitement as Hobson intercepted a Jimmy Costello pass and took it back 12 yards for a touchdown. And when Hobson picked off a deflected pass from Corbin Berkstresser late in the scrimmage, denying the offense a touchdown.

    KBIA Sports Extra: Fall Scrimmage: with emphasis on game-winning scenarios, defense triumphs again
    PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: Scrimmage Scenes
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: The Pinkel Report
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Trey Hobson one-on-one
    We Are Mizzou: Scrimmage #2
  • Kendial God Lawrence
    Post-Dispatch: Lawrence leads the way at tailback for MU
  • Offensive Line
    The Trib: Justin Britt brings a bit of nasty to MU line
  • Linebackers
    The Missourian: Missouri linebacker takes healthy eating habits to campus
  • Freshmen
    The Trib: LB Clarence Green thrives on speed, smarts
    PowerMizzou: Freshman Q&A: Cortland Browning
  • Tickets
    : Homecoming Field Level Tickets on Sale Friday
    TheSunDevils.com: Mizzou-Arizona State Tickets on Sale
  • We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Pep Rally

Other Football Links

I guess the biggest news here is that it doesn't appear that Ronnell Lewis and Trey Metoyer will be playing for Oklahoma this year due to eligibility/academic issues. But the most interesting news to me is the fact that the NFL is apparently going to carry out Terrelle Pryor's NCAA suspension as it makes him eligible for the Supplemental Draft. Granted, the endless "I thought he was already going to be serving a 'he's not very good' suspension?" jokes on Twitter were both predictable and somewhat true, but ... to me, we need more of a division between the pro and college ranks, not less.

In my endless Twitter arguments with Andy Staples (that's not a humblebrag -- he'll argue with just about anybody), we find common ground in the idea that we can better treat NCAA players like amateurs if there is some sort of minor league option in which football players don't have to play college football if they don't want to. That would allow us to better treat college football players as the amateurs they supposedly are. But if the NFL is going to carry out NCAA punishments, then that signifies that the NCAA is the NFL's minor leagues, and ... that is, in every way, the opposite of what I want to see.


I'm not going to lie: I cannot get riled up about the Longhorn Network showing high school highlights. I realize there's a bit of a slippery slope there, but still ... they're highlights. You can get highlights on the internet already. It's the full-game treatment that concerned me.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links


If you have not yet been introduced to the Guster Road Journal ... you haven't lived. And you have a lot of catching up to do. It was a blog before blogs were blogs.

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