Mizzou Links, 8-23-11

The process of compiling links is funny. Sometimes it produces 50+ links on a random Wednesday ... and sometimes, like today, it produces eight. Nine if you include some tweet from some dude.

Mizzou Football Links

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Missouri is a better football team when Brad Madison, Jacquies Smith, Kenji Jackson, Matt White, Will Ebner, Jerrell Jackson and Travis Ruth are involved, eh? I know that may be controversial, but I just know I'm right on this one.

  • The Missourian: Missouri nears end of preseason practice

    Last week, Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel said he hoped to have many of the injured starters back by Tuesday’s practice. These include defensive ends Brad Madison and Jacquies Smith, safeties Kenji Jackson and Matt White, linebacker Will Ebner and wide receiver Jerrell Jackson.

    One of the most important is center Travis Ruth, who suffered a strained right Achilles’ tendon in the team'steam's first scrimmage on Aug. 13. The offensive line already lost left tackle Elvis Fisher, who had started 40 games for the Tigers, for the season with a knee injury. Fisher’s injury sent backup left guard Justin Britt to left tackle, and Ruth’s sent starting left guard Jayson Palmgren to center. Backup right guard Jack Meiners stepped into Palmgren's spot.

    The team is not concerned Ruth will miss any games, but his return would give the overwhelmed line a sense of normalcy and a sense it is moving forward.

    "I mean, it’s bad what has happened to us, but I think we’ll pull through," Palmgren said.

  • The Wiz of Odds: Missouri poster
  • Linebackers
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Linebackers
  • Como Represent
    MUtigers.com: Hometown Tigers


The quote below is a bit enlightening. If the alleged bag man for the supposed money exchange is at least relatively safe, then we may be underestimating the chances of Frank Haith keeping his job here. I know why Missouri hasn't made a similar statement yet, and I'm happy they're taking time to investigate and/or work with the NCAA to figure out their real course of action instead of just throwing out a PR statement that is worthless in 24 hours ... but I'm at least beginning to believe that Haith could survive this.

  • Post-Dispatch: Internal probe at Miami could impact Missouri's Haith

    Unlike MU, another outpost seemingly connected to the Haith-Jones issue, Western Kentucky, has indicated it expects no fallout.

    Former Haith assistant Jake Morton, alleged by Shapiro to have given the $10,000 to Jones, now is an assistant coach at Western Kentucky.

    But school president Gary Ransdell last week was quoted saying the allegations of scandal at Miami have "no implications for us."

    Ransdell, according to the school paper, the Herald, said the school will cooperate with the NCAA but added: "Jake denies that he had anything to do with what that guy in prison is saying took place. The NCAA will sort that out, but that's a University of Miami problem that doesn't involve us."


Getting shaky because it's been, like, a full week since the last MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2011 post? Fear not!

A&M about ready to get this started. Expect announcement within the next two days. Wed at latest. Hoping for SEC vote by Friday. #gigemless than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

We've heard plenty of chatter about this over the last month, but when you're expecting this news, then you're more likely to believe it, right?

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

I have no idea if Sarah Shire is a good teacher by any means, but ... I think Mizzou could have done worse than to bring the All-American aboard as an assistant. (By the way ... has anybody noticed how many well-accomplished assistants Mizzou has been hiring lately? I'm talking mostly about gymnastics and track. It's a nice thing to see.)

  • MUtigers.com: Athletics Leads Outreach Delegation to SW Missouri
  • Mizzou Gymnastics
    MUtigers.com: Sarah Shire Joins Gymnastics Staff
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