Mizzou Links, 8-26-11

Marcus Lucas played like a starter yesterday. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

So Mrs. Bill C. has officially been put on bed rest for the remaining (up to) two weeks of the pregnancy. By the time I leave for work today, I'll have made sure that she has her crocheting kit and PS3 controller (somebody has to kill those Vegas zombies, after all...) within reach. Give her some other suggestions for killing the time...

Mizzou Football Links

Good to see the offense finding a rhythm, even if there were approximately 19 starters missing from the No. 1 defense...

  • Scrimmage
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Offense throws a fastball in finale

    [T]he offense came out intent on playing at a quicker tempo and it seemed to have the defense off balanced. James Franklin was sharp and decisive, completing 4 of 5 passes on the drive, while the tailbacks gashed the front four on a few runs that kept the chains moving. That was probably the most troubling sign for the defense: An offensive line that featured only two players from the first-team line that opened camp three weeks ago won the line of scrimmage against MU's vaunted front four. And Franklin rarely faced any pressure while running the high-speed no-huddle attack. I'd expect to see more of that philosophy when the season begins in nine days.

    "Tempo is so big, man," slot receiver T.J. Moe said. "People don’t understand, when you wear the defense out like that, they can't get lined up. A yard makes a difference. If" a defender "gets 30 seconds to react, he gets to catch his breath. He gets to line up and move where he wants to go. Well, if I'm lined up before he gets his defensive call, they don’t even know what their scheme is and I've already gotten the play and lined up ready to go. If he's one yard to the left, I might be scoring instead of getting tackled for 10."

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Thursday's scrimmage stats
    MUtigers.com: Offense Takes Final Scrimmage, 32-28

    Pinkel on injuries...
    "A lot of this is precautionary in what we do as far as Rex (Sharp) and our medical staff. Many times you Achilles, you get backs, you get hamstrings, they are very touchy. If you come back too soon, you're set back two weeks. I think we're trying to be smart about how we handle it."

    Pinkel on Jayson Palmgren getting so much work at center...
    "The good news is, for Palmgren, because of that technique that you have to do for the snap - which you can't take for granted - he's got tremendous amount of work there. So now Travis (Ruth) comes back there and he (Palmgren) moves back to guard, and now your backup center situation is very, very solid. There you kind of turned a negative into a positive."

    PowerMizzou: Finding a rhythm

    Another player who has undergone an attitude adjustment this August is Hunt. After a stellar camp last year, he sat out his freshman season after a late hamstring injury cut his camp short. This August, he's been admittedly inconsistent, but Hunt said he viewd Thursday's scrimmage as a last chance to make a big push for playing time. I don't have the final numbers for Hunt, but he had a handful of catches, including the 60-yard bomb from Costello. Of course, the first play after the touchdown, he dropped a screen pass. All in all, however, it was a good day for Hunt.

    The Missourian: Missouri offense crisp in final preseason scrimmage
    KC Star: MU offense enjoys its day in the sun

    A week from Saturday against Miami (Ohio), Franklin will make the first start of his college career. Thursday’s performance suggested Franklin would be up to the task.

    "He can lead us where we want to go," said Moe. "We’ve just got to give him the chance."

    KC Star (Campus Corner): Mizzou scrimmage stats and some post-scrim comments
    KBIA Sports Extra: Mizzou's young receivers Hunt and Lucas step up in Jackson's absence

    Pinkel is using a "moving them over and moving them up" playing philosophy: instead of worrying about the players lost to injury, focus on the value of added experience for the backup players that have been thrust into starting roles.

    An injury to starting senior wide receiver Jerrell Jackson has given sophomore receiver Marcus Lucas and redshirt freshman Jimmie Hunt the opportunity to show the coaches that they deserve more playing time this season.

    Lucas filled the role of Jackson in the starting lineup during Thursday’s scrimmage and got a lot of playing time with starting quarterback James Franklin.

  • Practice Multimedia
    The Missourian: PHOTOS: Tigers play final scrimmage before season
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Scrimmage Highlights
    PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: Camp Close-Up
    PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: Scrimmage Scenes
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Battle for the Black Jerseys

Other Mizzou Football Links

Don't miss the DGB link at the end...

Other Football Links


    Tulsa World: OU's Trent Ratterree wills himself to a scholarship


I've come to the conclusion that you can tell how much writers respect a school by how far they'll go with feminizing (and sluttifying) them when talking about conference realignment. The verdict: they respect A&M, and they reeeeeeeeally do not respect SMU.

  • A&M Sends A Letter
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Texas A&M notifies Big 12: We're looking
    Dr. Saturday: Texas A&M informs the Big 12 it wants to start seeing other conferences
    San Antonio Express-News: Aggies notify Big 12 they intend to 'explore options' on league front
    Post-Dispatch: Texas A&M takes a step toward Big 12 exit
    College Football Talk: First domino? A&M tells Beebe they will 'explore conference options'
    CBS Sports: Texas A&M lets Big 12 know it's leaving
    Frank the Tank: In America, You Leave Big 12. In Soviet Texas, Big 12 Leave You!

    This move is NOT about the SEC being able to reopen its television deal in order to gain more money than what the United States currently has on hand to pay Social Security checks (as so many people have assumed).  Maybe the SEC sees this as the one opportunity to get A&M in the next couple of decades and that’s why they’re moving now despite not being able to realize much (if any) TV revenue from their addition until after 2024.  Whatever the reasoning might be, it seems that since the SEC can’t just open up its TV contracts again by expansion, such expansion is going to be kept at a minimum for now.  As a result, the obituaries being pre-written for the Big 12 and ACC from the SEC supposedly going into 16-school superconference mode immediately are way too premature.  The SEC will need to find a school #14 fairly soon, but who knows who it will be.  (I do NOT believe for a second that it will be Virginia Tech, but I’ll write about that more extensively in a separate post.)  Right now, appears that either (a) the Big 12 will lose another school to the SEC on top of A&M, such as Missouri or (b) the Big 12 and one of either the ACC or Big East (maybe West Virginia) may lose a school to the SEC, yet in each event those leagues will still continue to live.

  • Beebe Responds
    CBS Sports: Dan Beebe responds to Texas A&M statement
  • SMU Clears Its Throat Loudly In The Corner Of The Room
    College Football Talk: SMU hikes up its skirt, openly flirts with Big 12
    Pre-Snap Read: SMU Waits, Makes Its Case
    CBS Sports: SMU would like to join the Big 12
    Spit Blood: SMU invites itself to the Big 12

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

Big game tonight at the Mizzou Athletic Complex...

  • Mizzou Soccer
    MUtigers.com: Tigers Host No. 7 Ohio State Friday
  • Mizzou Volleyball
    The Missourian: Youth bolsters roster on this year's Missouri volleyball team


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