Mizzou Links, 8-3-11

First things first: the Mizzou family lost another member when freshman wrestler Phillip Perry over-corrected, ran off the road and hit a tree on Route 168 near Hannibal early yesterday. That's two Mizzou athletes who have passed away in recent months -- Perry and swimmer Sasha Menu Courey. I ache for both their families and their coaches/teammates/friends. Thoughts and prayers in the weeks ahead.

And now I have to make an awkward segue to the rest of the links.

Mizzou Football Links

Evidently the clearinghouse is involved with Sheldon Richardson now, so he could be cleared tomorrow ... and like Aldon Smith, he could be cleared a month from now. (And no, I'm not going to do a "Like Tony Mitchell..." comparison. Screw it. This guy is playing in 2011.)

  • MUtigers.com: Football Single Game Tickets on Sale This Week
  • Ever Hear Of Some Guy Named Richardson?
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Sheldon Richardson Watch: Not enrolled ... yet

    Sheldon Richardson’s name comes up on the university’s online database, and he even has a university email address.

    But a spokesperson for the university registrar said Tuesday morning that Richardson is not listed as enrolled for the upcoming fall semester. That doesn't mean Richardson's enrollment status won't soon change. A few weeks ago, the registrar's office told me it can sometimes take a few days for the admissions department to process an incoming student's information to the registrar. So, for now, the wait goes on.

  • 2011 Previews Involving A Key Member Of Rock M Nation
    College Football Zealots: 2011 Pre-Season Preview: #24 Missouri Tigers
  • Position Battles
    The Trib (Dave Matter): 10 Tigers with something to prove
    PowerMizzou: Battling for position
  • Quarterbacks
    PowerMizzou: Key Tigers: Number 1 (you'll never guess)
  • Gabbert
    The Missourian: Blaine Gabbert impressive in first week with Jaguars
    Pro Football Talk: Blaine Gabbert gets to work early, David Garrard doesn't
    Matt Waldman RSP: Eye Catching Tweets From NFL Camps

    Blaine Gabbert: @Taniaganguli‘s piece on Blaine Gabbert’s defense of David Garrard provide a glimpse of the maturity and perspective that the beat writers have observed from the rookie thus far. The article also summarizes the speed and arm that has impressed Gene Frennette enough to say that Gabbert has the best arm of any passer he’s seen in Jacksonville.

    My Take: I still think Gabbert will be the best prospect in this class. I think the criticisms of the spread offense and his reactions to pressure in the pocket are overdone. Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers had issues with how to handle pressure in the pocket. But much like Rodgers, and unlike Ryan, Gabbert has the athleticism to make plays on the move that will serve him well as a pro. He’s capable of franchise-caliber throws and he’s already shown a little of that in camp. I hope the Jaguars sit him for a year. Of course, I hope that for most rookie quarterbacks.

  • Maclin
    ESPN.com: Jeremy Maclin reports to Philadelphia Eagles camp after illness

Other Football Links

I know we're supposed to say that everything related to Kansas sucks, and I know that somewhat clouds our impressions of certain things, but ... Kansas' football stadium truly is awful. We have paid heed to the impressive stature of Allen Field House, but ... Kansas' football stadium truly is awful. It was worse with the old, warpy turf, but ... it's still not good.

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Denmon
    MUtigers.com: Heartache, Breakout Have Defined Marcus Denmon's Year
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Track & Field
    The Trib: Missouri hires Olympian to coach sprinters


They showed more videos in their first hour than they have in the last decade. (Easy joke, yes, but it still had to be said.)

  • Mental Floss: MTV's First Hour on the Air (I Mean: on Cable)
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