Rock M Roundtable!


2 - Most absurd "Will he or won't he play?" tale in recent Mizzou lore: Uche Okafor, Tony Mitchell or Sheldon Richardson?

3 - Least-Watchable college football team you can remember?

4 - So ... evidently they're thinking about making a
movie of the TV version of Friday Night Lights. Never mind that a movie named Friday Night Lights already exists, and it already stars Connie Britton ... good idea? Horrible idea? And just as means of baseline testing, how do you feel about the idea of an Arrested Development movie?

The Beef: 1. Hooray

2. Tony Mitchell is a close second, but the duration we have been going through this with Sheldon makes him the clear winner

3. Mizzou 1995?

4. Never watched a single episode of either show

Glad I could be here for this

Bill C.: You've been around the Internet long enough to know that just because you haven't seen an episode of either show and have no background knowledge of which to speak here, you should still be able to lodge a vociferous opinion one way or the other.

The Beef: Well, when you put it that way.

I am guessing that while Friday Night Lights had more of a developed plot line and could likely stand up to a movie in that fashion, the confusion it could cause by creating something which already exists would mean you are marketing to a pretty small sample of people, certainly not enough to be profitable.  On the other hand, the cast of Arrested Development, especially with the career resurrection of Jason Bateman may get more casual observers and may possibly be able to make a little money.

Bill C.: BOOM. See how easy that was?

ZouDave: 1 -

2 – Oh Sheldon Richardson and it’s not close.  Uche was bad, but never had this kind of promise to it.  The Tony Mitchell situation was pretty bad, but it only lasted for part of a season.  We’ve been waiting for Sheldon Richardson since, like, Chase Daniel was still here or something.

3 – I don’t know…probably someone bad from the Big Ten.

4 – Well, I’d undoubtedly go see a FNL movie based on the show, but yeah that just seems really weird.  It’s like fan fiction based on an alternate Star Wars universe…it just feels like worlds are colliding.

And given that I’ve never seen a single second of Arrested Development, I can’t really have a comment here.

ZouDave: Oh, well I guess I should have read Bill C’s comment first.



Bill C.: Precisely.

Michael Atchison: 1. What Seth said.

2. I still have a soft spot for Uche.

3. That team from Brad’s junior year made me want to throw up my hands a lot of the time.

4. I have not read Friday Night Lights (I know, a crime), I have not seen the movie, I have not seen the show, and I never saw Arrested Development. I can’t wait for the movie!

Yesterday, driving through Kansas City, my car thermometer read 111 degrees. Six months ago today, it was 12 below zero.

I finished Wonder Boys last night, meaning that I have now read all four of Michael Chabon’s major novels. Chabon: Best American fiction writer or Very Best American fiction writer?

Bill C.: Yeah, he's good. I loved Kavalier & Clay as everybody else did, but Wonder Boys was much more purely enjoyable and absurd. Mysteries of Pittsburgh was really good, too, but not nearly as much. I own his others but haven't read them yet.


The Beef: I always felt Chabron’s 2nd work was by far the best.  I think he was able to figure it out after the first offering, but the third book just smacked of his trying too hard.  The fourth seemed to be a fair return to the writing values he displayed in the 2nd.

The Beef – Pulling stuff out of his ass on this round table since about 7 minutes ago….

Bill C.: (His third smacked of winning the Pulitzer. STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERIKE ONE.)

ZouDave: I’m reading the Friday Night Lights book right now, as a matter of fact.  Well, not RIGHT now because I’m at work so obviously I’m spending my morning sending emails and waiting to hear if Sheldon Richardson is at practice today.  But I’m about 1/3 into the book.  Already amazed at the differences between it and the movie, though I understand why those differences exist.

What annoyed me the most about buying the book (on Kindle) is that the cover of the book shows the cast of the FNL TV show and it says something like "the book that inspired the TV show".  Dammit, the book was well known BEFORE the movie and BEFORE the TV show!  Just give me the original cover!  AND GET OFF MY LAWN!

The Beef: You do know there is no practice today…camp opens tomorrow (see Bill C’s initial email)


Bill C.: My wife's response to the FNL question, since, you know, she's actually watched the show: "I would be on board with a Buffy movie with the TV cast...because the Buffy movie they made sucked.  However, the Friday Night Lights movie was actually good so I don't think I would do another one...chances are the TV character one would suck."

So there you go.

ZouDave: She’s probably right, but since I was such a huge fan of the show I would probably go see it.

However, they wrapped up the show so nicely that I don’t know where else they would go with it.

SleepyFloyd7: Sorry I'm checking in late. I have been religiously monitoring the Caption-o-the-Year voting.


1 - I am excited to get out and see some practices, and try to land the first interview with the Elusive Loch Ness Sheldon.

2 - Sheldon - hands down. Do much drama, for so long, and as of right now (9:20am) we don't know FOR SURE if he will be on the field when camp opens tomorrow.

3 - Rice University (my dad was on staff there) of the 80s. Ugh.

4 - Not a FNL guy, but it would probably do well. But I would feed my hands to a seal to see the AD movie.

ghtd36: Hello, chums.

1 - One thing I've quickly realized through working for a football publication: when you study it year-round, you get especially antsy for it to start. Did you know, for example, that we're a little more than three weeks away from the kickoff of high school football season here in Texas? That seriously excites me to no end. FOOTBALL.

2 - I'll go with Richardson, only because he's been the mouthiest about this. Remember when we didn't hear from Mitchell for, like, eight months? Now, granted, it's been a while since we heard anything from Sheldon, but the fact that we heard nothing from Mitchell made it more palatable.

3 - Oh jeez, that's a good one. Iowa State has had some pretty unwatchable teams in recent years. This is going to come of as blasphemous, but those early Paul Johnson Georgia Tech teams were pretty unwatchable, because he had non-option athletes attempting to run the option. Have you watched any recent Minnesota games? Ugh.

4 - I maintain that Friday Night Lights is among the more overrated franchises in recent media history, so that should lay out my point of view on that pretty clearly. As for the AD movie, pass. If you really want to get the cast back together, make another season, don't make a movie that will ultimately not satisfy.

Doug: Wow... that got out of hand fast.

1 - Um... ya?

2 - Who was the 7-footer out of Eastern Europe that wound up having an entire arm amputated? I remember that dude becoming TB-lore very quickly. Honestly, I can't keep track of the number of game-changers at any university that are suppose to revolutionize a team... that never make it. And, might not even be alive.

3 - Speaking as a KU fan, it's hard to pick just one season.

4 - It's a re-boot. They're setting a full series of film all the way from high school through college to when Minka Kelly starts a detective agency.

D-Sing: 1.YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!11!2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Most absurd? The Ballad of Tony Mitchell.
The one that indirectly meant the most to Missouri: Uche Okafor, because Okafor, indirectly, brought us....Rickey Clemons.
Also because I think potential impact players in basketball are more meaningful than potential impact football defenders-even defensive linemen.

3. In the Mizzou category, the 1999 team (especially at the end of the season) was bad, but I'd like to think that Kirk Farmer's broken leg on Homecoming had some impact there.

In the non-Mizzou category, I've watched a lot of bad football during my five years out here with UNLV, and I used to work at Eastern Michigan (enough said there). In the AQ category, I've got to go with 2003 and 2004 Penn State. They were really bad on offense, including the infamous 6-4 loss to Iowa.

4. I think there has been enough separation from Buzz's book and the film with Billy Bob Thornton and this television series that people won't be confused simply because it's called Friday Night Lights. Given that the series, like most series (and some movies) centered around sports aren't really about sports, I think that it will have a wider appeal than a pure sports film would have.

Although much like Arrested Development, how wide of an appeal does Friday Night Lights have? Do they really have enough of a following to generate the interest to generate the ticket sales to make money? FNL might. I sincerely doubt, given the ratings, that AD would—even with Bateman's reinvigorated career, I don't think he's enough of a major star to get that much interest.

(And that opinion is offered with three episodes of Arrested Development viewed, and zero episodes of FNL viewed. D-Sing: Offering ill-informed, vociferous opinions for 33 years as of today.)

SleepyFloyd7: I know it's completely off topic, but this is one of my favorite episodes to unfold at a baseball game in a long time.

An Ichiro impersonator causes some shenanigans at a Mariner's game.


D-Sing: Wow. That is completely bizzare. And he doesn't look too much like him, but maybe if you just glanced quickly, you could be fooled.

Maybe he picks up gullible women at bars with that get-up

SleepyFloyd7: That's what they call "Road-Sushi"


(Three hours later...)

Michael Atchison: Now that the Roundtable is over, have you read the New Yorker piece on the bin Laden raid? Outstanding.

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