Saturday Live Thread

Photo via Bill Carter.

Bill C's Dad is on his way into town to drop some fragile things off before both he and Bill C's Mom make the official move to Como next week. I'll be in and out, but ... there are practice reports to discuss, so let's discuss them!


The Trib (Dave Matter): Camp Chronicles: Nose guard gets last laugh
PowerMizzou: Friday Practice Report Camp Notebook: Day Two
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD practice film
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Coach's Corner
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Man in the middle
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: DeVion Moore
PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Friday practice film

From Matter:

You'll probably never see a Missouri receiver corps with elite talent like those 2007-08 teams. Rucker, Coffman, Maclin, Alexander, Franklin, Saunders, Perry. But the current group might have more depth from top to bottom. Case in point: Four years ago, the No. 3 players at the three receiver positions on the opening day of camp were two walk-ons, Lucas Null and Blake May, and senior co-captain Jason Ray, a great leader and teammate but not much of a playmaker. In 2008, the No. 3 wideouts at the start of camp were all walk-ons. Flash forward to the present, and you're looking at a depth chart with these No. 3 receivers: Marcus Lucas, a four-star standout who chose MU over Oklahoma; Bud Sasser, a redshirt freshman with star potential from a Texas prep powerhouse; and Rolandis Woodland, a speedy 6-3 junior who has shown flashes of being a deep threat. Bit of an upgrade, you think?

As Matter points out ... at some point, these star youngsters need to actually take a step forward and pass the "forgotten middle class" of Gerau, McGaffie, etc. But it's still early. We'll see. And I'll say this right now: give Jimmie Hunt the kick returns job that opened up when Marcus Murphy went down. I want to see him with the ball in his hands.

2. So ... You're Saying Quarterbacks Are Important?

The Missourian: Missouri's James Franklin getting comfortable in his role as offensive leader
The Trib: James Franklin is the QB beyond compare
Fox Sports MW: Franklin set to lead Mizzou

KC Star (Campus Corner): Berkstresser could be No. 2 QB at Mizzou already
KC Star: Berkstresser clearly in QB picture
The Trib: Berkstresser learns from ‘Big Brother’
Post-Dispatch: Pinkel lauds freshman QB

Excited yet?

3. Awkward But Enthralling

Videogum: The Louis CK Talking To Dane Cook Scene Is Genuinely Important

I respect Dane Cook as a performer more than I do as a comedian (seriously, he's figured out how to tell a story in a way that entertains a ton of people), but ... well, I respect him a little more now. Gotta love scripted, unscripted comedy.

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