Mizzou Links, 8-9-11

Mizzou's defensive line: strong. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

1. I love that we've reached a point where Sheldon Richardson is a "luxury." Not that this will keep anybody from obsessing over him...


3. Too much, too soon for Blaine Gabbert, I fear, with David Garrard. I was hoping they'd get to ease him in over time, but ... hey, Josh Freeman got thrown into the fire early on, and that worked out alright, I guess.

4. Four-star KC defensive tackle Ondre Pipkins committed to Michigan yesterday. It is disappointing, but it was not altogether unexpected. He is from Michigan originally and has in the past said he considered that his home; it's hard to sway an "in-state" kid if he doesn't even consider himself in-state. He's a "loves the recruiting game and wants to commit to six different schools at once" guy, so he might waver later on, but even if he does, then a school like Alabama could still beat Missouri to him. Mizzou has accepted multiple DT commits in recent weeks, and you could probably use that to tell that the staff saw this one coming, but regardless ... man, did we pick the wrong year to mess with Michigan. If Rich Rodriguez had stuck around one more year, Mizzou may (may) have not only landed Pipkins, but also a handful of other state of Michigan products who were considering Mizzou semi-heavily until they decided to hop on the Hoke bandwagon.

5. Tech passed up $5 million to be on the Longhorn Network! Well done.

6. Volleyball!


8. I do love Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age ... and I have yet to give Watch the Throne a listen ... hopefully today.

Mizzou Football Links

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Camp Chronicles: Tigers break out the pads

    The more I watch the defensive line, the more I believe Richardson becomes a luxury if and when he joins the team for practices. Adding Richardson to this group of D-tackles is like the Yankees acquiring an All-Star pitcher at the trading deadline. Yeah, they probably don't need another arm to win the pennant, but the addition makes everyone else better. All elite defenses have solid depth across the defensive line, and that's what Richardson's going to add to this group. "Most people don’t realize that D-line is probably the most tiring position on the team," linebacker Will Ebner told me, "because they're firing off as hard as they can and hitting somebody that weighs 300 pounds every play." Whether Richardson starts or comes off the bench, the established starters, Dominique Hamilton and Terrell Resonno, are going to get plenty of snaps this fall. Their return, plus underclassmen Marvin Foster and Lucas Vincent and former starter Jimmy Burge give D-line coach Craig Kuligowski what might be the best cast of D-tackles in the Big 12.

    PowerMizzou: Pads on at practice
    MUtigers.com: Camp Notebook: The Pads Come Out

    During 11-on-11 scrimmaging, the pads were popping as the defense made some big plays early to get out to a lead on the scoreboard. DT Dominique Hamilton stuffed TB Kendial Lawrence on a run attempt for no gain, and that was followed by CB E.J. Gaines showing great speed on the edge to close on Lawrence on a wide run to force him out of bounds for a very short gain. On the next play, DE Brad Madison looked like he was shot out of a cannon and got around the edge immediately to force QB James Franklin to throw the ball away to avoid a sack. On the next play, Franklin faced pocket pressure again, but stayed calm and found WR T.J. Moe down the right seam for a gain of 15 yards. On the next play, on a 3rd-and-1 situation, TB De'Vion Moore took a delayed handoff and burst through the line for a touchdown of around 40 yards...

    PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: The sideline view
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Coach's Corner
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Practice Film
    KBIA Sports Extra: Mizzou Camp Notes: Monday, August 8
    We Are Mizzou: Battle for the Black Jerseys
  • Was Sheldon There?
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Still no Sheldon Richardson at MU practice
  • Quarterbacks
    The Maneater: New job, no worries for James Franklin
  • Receivers
    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Jerrell Jackson
  • Offensive Line
    The Missourian: Missouri walk-on brings 'rock and roll' attitude to offensive line

    As he finishes the drill, running through a block, for no particular reason he yells, "America!" and raises two clenched fists high above his head.

    Minutes later, as a teammate pancake blocks someone flat on their back, he shouts, "Welcome to turf town!"

  • Freshmen
    PowerMizzou: Freshman Q&A: Connor McGovern
  • A Little More Fan Day
    MUtigers.com: Fan Day Special With T.J. Moe
    PowerMizzou: Fan Day Photo Gallery
  • A Little More Brad
    Lost Lettermen: VIDEO: Missouri's Brad Smith Electrifies Big 12
  • Blaine Tears the Redshirt Off ... And Keeps The Hair
    Big Cat Country: Blaine Gabbert Likely to Start Against Patriots
    ESPN.com: Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio bans rookie hazing
    The Missourian (AP): Gabbert gets to keep hair after Jaguars coach limits hazing

Other Football Links

  • Longhorn Network
    Austin American-Statesman: Nine things and one crazy prediction

    The Longhorn Network's hopes of televising live high school football games remain on hold for at least a year, but ESPN still would like to show a second Texas football game besides Rice this season. The network's representatives have approached Texas Tech about the possibility of showing the Red Raiders-Longhorns game this year and, to make it worth Tech's while, discussed showing other Tech games like Nevada and New Mexico over the next four seasons for $5 million, a high-ranking Big 12 school administrator familiar with the negotiations told me. So far Tech has declined. The next probable school ESPN would approach? Oklahoma State, the source said. He also said the broadcast of high school games will happen eventually.

  • Football Porn
    Smart Football: Smart Notes -- zone runs, slot coverage, goal-line defense

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Volleyball Reports Today


  • Stats
    Beyond the Box Score: Measuring the Growth of Sabermetrics
    The Run of Play: Clint Dempsey and the Fate of America
  • Music
    Grantland: Hua Hsu on Kanye and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne
  • Tennis
    Busted Racquet: Thirty things about Roger Federer on his 30th birthday
  • Food
    Anthony Bourdain: A Letter to Josh Homme's Daughter
    Consequence of Sound: VIDEO: Josh Homme on No Reservations

Finally, this is awesome.

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