New Trophies/Rivalries for an SEC with Mizzou

Assuming Mizzou ends up in the SEC with aTm, we'll need some new trophies/awards/names for rivalries. to compete for.  Say goodbye to the Peace Pipe (OU) and the Telephone Trophy (ISU), and say hello to these new trophies and contests (after the jump).

MU vs. aTmThe Grill Game, sponsored by Longhorn Steakhouse  These schools bolted together to get away from a burnt orange bully, so what's a better way to celebrate than with something to cook a piece of dead Bevo?


MU vs. LSU/Auburn:  The Tiger Trophy  OK, this one's already going on between LSU & AU, but a round-robin of the three gets a cool tiger tail.


MU vs. UK:  Border State Battle  Taps the state history of these two states and their not-so-southern-but-kinda-southern histories.  Could be a good rivalry that grows to approach the other ku rivalry because of a history that pre-dates Missouri statehood.  Remember the 1811-1812 New Madrid quakes?  It shifted the river channel, meaning the state border was shifted, and the two states haven't forgiven each other for what the result was.  Ever try to go directly between Kentucky and Missouri?  You can't do it without a boat because of it:  at least you can take I-70 out of kansas.


MU vs. Ole Miss:  The River Rivalry  Named after two of the countries main stem rivers.  MU could play this game as a "home" game in St. Louis, where the Missouri and Mississippi meet.


MU vs. Mississippi State:  Broadcast News Trophy  Mizzou's all about Broadcast Journalism.  Mississippi State's about Broadcast Meteorology.  Put them together, you've got a newscast.  A trophy with a TV on it might be good.


MU vs. Vandy:  Battle for the Golden Woody  In honor of former Mizzou & Vandy football coach Woody Woodenhoffer and the common color of gold for the teams, the winner gets a golden...uh, what did Coach Woody do to these schools again?  Oh yeah, that might make it that much more appropriate. Maybe you don't want to win this trophy? :)


MU vs. UGA:  Battle for the Screw  Georgia fans think they were the most screwed team in America after the '07 season because they didn't play for the BCS championship.  Mizzou fans know they were the most screwed team in America because they didn't play in a BCS bowl game.  The trophy is a big black screw (black being the common team color) with an "07" on the head of it.


MU vs. UF:  Party Trophy  In honor of Mizzou's former status of being the #1 party school in America (circa 1980-something) and UF being a more recent successor to this honor, the winner of this game gets a trophy with something one would see at a party (party hat, keg, toga, beer can, fake vomit, etc.:  choose one)


MU vs. USCar:  Columbia Trophy  Take the symbols of the two Columbias--Missouri's columns, South Carolina's State House--and put the winners underneath.


MU vs. Bama:  Plaid vs. Houndstooth  Who is more fashionable:  Mizzou's official tartan plaid, or Bama's famous houndstooth?  Stephens College could do the designing on this one.


MU vs. UT:  The Tributary Trophy  Along the lines of the MU/Ole Miss "River Rivalry", this one gets named for two of the main tributary rivers in the eastern two-thirds of the country.


MU vs. Arkansas:  The Broyles/Anderson Memorial Mountain Trophy  Named after a couple of guys who coached at both schools and the Ozarks shared by the two states.

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