Mizzou Links, 1-18-12

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • It Has Been An Odd 12 Months
    The Trib: Seamless transition for Tigers

    The Aggies (10-7, 1-4) are looking like one of the nation’s biggest disappointments, although they have some legitimate excuses, including Kennedy’s life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, which kept him away from the team for much of the preseason. A knee injury to top player Khris Middleton, which has limited his explosiveness, hasn’t helped either. Mostly, though, this is just the gear-grinding that often happens when a new staff tries to shape holdover players.

    The surprise is when the transition is seamless, as it has been at Missouri. [...]

    Yesterday, Texas A&M was doing everything right defensively in the first half, controlling the tempo and all that stuff you do when you can’t score points yourself. Then, the Aggies were suckered into six minutes in Dixon’s fast-forward world. Missouri outscored Texas A&M 28-2 during that span.

    There are things you can overcome in a basketball game, but a 28-2 run is not one of them.

    At any given time, the Tigers are capable of that. Even the games where they don’t play consistently well, those spurts create separation. And the winning continues.

    This is a transition year?

  • Points
    The Missourian: Missouri enjoys luxury of two top point guards
  • Denmon
    MUtigers.com: Marcus Denmon Named Wooden Award Finalist
  • Tickets
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Hoops vs. Texas Tech Tickets Available

Other Basketball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • Of Course He Did
    The Missourian: James Franklin helped 9-year-old Columbia girl with NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition

    Eryn's throws and kicks were long enough, but scoring is based on distance and accuracy. Franklin gave her tips on how to improve her accuracy, like not stutter stepping when she kicked off the tee.

    Franklin, who attends East Side Church of Christ with the Puetts, was one of several coaches and players Eryn's father, Don Puett, who has never played organized football, called on for advice.

  • All-Star Games
    MUtigers.com: Michael Egnew to Play in Senior Bowl
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Egnew latest former Tiger invited to all-star game
    We Are Mizzou: Jerrell Jackson plays in All-Star Game
  • NFL
    SI.com: Justin Smith's toughness represents gritty, surprising 49ers defense
    We Are Mizzou: Tigers in the NFL


  • Post-Dispatch: Arkansas might be MU's SEC crossover rival

    But with six division games, having a cross-divisional rival means schools from different divisions might not see each other for more than a decade in football.

    "That is a huge question that has not been answered. … It will be an interesting debate," said Templeton, adding, "I think anything else is on the table for discussion. We're going to have to make some tough decisions. Are we going to stay with the permanent opponent, and then (if so) how are we going to rotate that one other game?"

    For that matter, even the "permanent" opponent could change: Templeton said Mizzou and Arkansas is "on the table" as a crossover game. It's also conceivable, albeit improbable, that divisional alignments could change. [...]

    As for the more broad view, Templeton said 10-12 members of MU's transition team will meet with the SEC in Birmingham next week to talk about everything from SEC compliance to how its digital media rights work to student seating and crowd control matters.

  • Daily Oklahoman: Realignment has thrown a wrench in the Big 12 football schedule

Other Mizzou Links


  • Videogum: The Supercut Game Just Changed
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