Mizzou Links, 1-27-12

Mizzou Football Links

Sometime this afternoon, one of the bigger -- if not the biggest -- official visits in Missouri's history begins. Some believe Dorial Green-Beckham has already made up his mind regarding his school of choice (though they disagree as to which school that is), but to say the least, a great visit will go a long way. We'll see what happens; I'm sure we'll be getting to-the-minute updates and rumors on Twitter and at PowerMizzou...

Other Football Links

  • Recruiting
    SB Nation: How-To Signing Day, Part Three: The Recruiting Cycle of Emotion (But Mostly Angst)

    Statement: "We addressed every single one of our needs with this recruiting class."

    Translation: "You're right, that IS a lot of two-star recruits in one class." [...]


    Statement: "I guess he's not a Michigan Man/USC Material/ Ohio State Proud/ Alabama Ready/ whatever."

    Translation: "I will now openly start baseless rumors of this recruit's drug use on message boards with no basis in reality whatsoever. Also, please ignore the part last week where I said this recruit was the epitome of everything this university stands for. He is not."


    Statement: "I'm sure he's going to be the next in our long line of awesome [position goes here]."

    Translation: "My expectations for him are already wildly unrealistic, and this recruit is already a disappointment. Should he fail to be anything but a freak in his first year, I will demand his immediate transfer, and question his character in no uncertain terms. I'm not a very nice or realistic person."

  • The Downside Of A Playoff
    Dr. Saturday: The New York Giants can teach college football a lot about how not to conduct a playoff

Mizzou Basketball Links



Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling
    MUtigers.com: No. 15 Wrestling Set for Quad-Meet at SIUE
  • Mizzou Gymnastics
    MUtigers.com: Tigers Look for Road Win at No. 4 Nebraska
  • Mizzou Track & Field
    MUtigers.com: Tiger Men Wrap up Day One at Bergan Combined Events


  • Great Writing
    Grantland (Brian Phillips): The Boxing career of freed American slave Tom Molineaux
  • Mmmmmm...
    Spin.com: So Fresh, So Green: SPIN Test Drives Andre 3000's Kale Recipe
  • Oof
    Kegs 'n Eggs: This Moment in Unfortunate Online Advertisement History
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