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No. 1 Alabama dominates Missouri, 42-10, on wet track

Corbin Berkstresser's second career start was wet and overwhelming.

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Alabama Tape Breakdown

Can you learn anything from a blowout? Let's look at the tape.


Mizzou Links, 10-16-12

Bama drafts, Mizzou Football feels the urgency, and Mizzou Basketball has quite the backcourt.


Fanning apologizes to Hansbrough

Here's the play:

I mean, I appreciate both the technical form on the suplex and the fact that he apologized, but I'm going to assume he still faces a suspension for that one.

Meanwhile, the KC Star's Terez Paylor noticed something else about the play: the retaliation.

Had Missouri’s players left it there, it would have set a terrible precedent on film. Other teams would have watched the tape and decided that the Tigers don’t defend their own, and would try to bully them the rest of the way, especially given the Tigers' 0-4 SEC record. It would have been ugly, I promise you.

Fortunately for MU, its interior line stepped up to dish out what I call "street justice" on the Tigers' next two plays. On the next play, center Brad McNulty and left guard Evan Boehm double team and drive Fanning back seven yards off the ball before eventually throwing him down after the whistle.

Fanning dusted himself off and appeared to say something to the referee, who smiled and mouthed something back to him. The very next play went even worse for Fanning, as he got bulldozed off the line of scrimmage by junior guard Max Copeland (knowing Max, no one was more ticked off at Fanning’s suplex of Hansbrough than he).

Copeland quickly pancaked Fanning and proceeded to "engage" him on the ground, and right tackle Justin Britt came over to do something to Fanning as well. It’s hard to see if there were any extracurriculars because their backs are to the camera, but if there were - we did see Fanning's helmet come off - and the refs swallowed their whistles, that just confirms something I think Missouri and its fans have already learned: The SEC is a man’s league. Fanning brought that on himself, and the refs weren’t going to bail him out.


About what we expected

Alabama was flawless when it counted, but Missouri showed at least a few signs for hope before the game ended.


Two Post-Game Thoughts from dcrockett17

'Bama is awesome/
Berkstresser was up and down/
Happy for the bye


Bama-Mizzou Live Thread

A live thread for today's Alabama-Missouri football game.


Vandy Tape Breakdown

Between our darkest hour, and the shadow of our most sure defeat, is there hope to be taken from the tape?


Alabama-Mizzou: BTBS Preview

Expect reality, hope for greatness (and wind), and look forward to the bye week that follows.


Mizzou Links, 10-12-12

Mizzou's D-line confuses, the weather forecast terrifies, Laurence Bowers returns, and Mizzou Madness tips off this evening.


Exploring the Bama depth chart

When Gary Pinkel said this is a team without weaknesses yesterday, he meant it. Anybody can be beaten, of course, but taking out Alabama will require a mistake-free effort and some help.


Mizzou Links, 10-11-12

Corbin Berkstresser sets his feet, Kony Ealy gets excited, Mizzou basketball plays on TV a lot, and Max Scherzer pitches well (and his team blows it).


Mizzou Links, 10-10-12

Gary Pinkel is calm, Brad McNulty is coming along, and Corbin Berkstresser is NOT GOING TO GET HURT ON SATURDAY.


An airing of grievances

Discussing what needs fixing with the Missouri Tigers without calling for the heads of everyone in charge.

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