Mizzou Links, 12-26-12

01 Jan 1987: Linebacker Derrick Thomas of the Alabama Crimson Tide sheds a block during a game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana. - Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images Sport

Happy Boxing Day! Laurence Bowers is SEC Player of the Week, Mizzou is No. 7, and Alabama-Notre Dame is kind of a big deal, especially to Bama fans.

I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted yesterday ... and that you aren't snowed/iced in this morning.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: New Year's Hot Board: Defense
  • NFL
    The Trib (AP): Justin Smith's iron-man streak ends at 165

Other Football Links

So AL.com put together an interesting series on memories from previous Alabama-Notre Dame matchups. It always kind of cracks me up to see Alabama fans "tortured" and "traumatized" by previous losses -- because they've had such a tough history, and gosh, you just hope things work out for them eventually -- but it does hint at the level of emotion involved in the upcoming game.

  • Kind Of A Big Deal
    AL.com: The traumas of childhood in '73 and '74 make the stakes this year even higher
    AL.com: Vacation cut short after unexpected pass completion in 1973
    AL.com: Childhood experience makes the thought of revenge even sweeter
    AL.com: A sack of peanuts cost a look at The Sack in Bama's only win over the Irish
    AL.com: Sugar Bowl in '73 even tougher for Tide fans up North
    AL.com: First loss to Irish may have been most painful for many Tide fans
    AL.com: Tide's lone win over Irish a standout memory
    AL.com: Legion Field loss in 1980s till stings decades later
    AL.com: 1973 Sugar Bowl loss was only the beginning of one fan's misery
    AL.com: Last meeting between Tide and Irish in Miami a heartbreaker
    AL.com: Nothing matches pageantry, tradition of Crimson Tide vs. Fighting Irish
    AL.com: 'We felt sure Bama would beat Notre Dame and end the season undefeated...'
    AL.com: In pre-season interview, Bryant challenged '73 Crimson Tide
    AL.com: One old woman...started swinging her umbrella...yelling 'go to hell, Notre Dame...'
    AL.com: 'I am fortunate in that I have attended all six Tide-Irish clashes...'
    AL.com: 'Seeing either team lose was going to disappoint me...'
    AL.com: 'His name was Ozzie Newsome...'
    AL.com: 'One lousy point' makes for a long ride home after 1973 title game
    AL.com: A picture, not a win, was the prize after the 1976 game
    AL.com: Former school crossing guard counting on Bama to exorcise demons
    AL.com: A personal Notre Dame story: Divine visit for a Devine game at school that was second choice
    AL.com: Moore memories: Alabama athletics director has had inside looks at Alabama and Notre Dame

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