On the end of the Border War

I'll confess. I won't miss the Border War.

Much has already been written on this site, and by better writers than me, about sports hate. But over time, I've come to realize that the Border War has become a little too focused on the hate over the sports.

I will not miss the way both sides carry on about the Civil War as though anyone was really on the "good side", and as though being on whichever side has the least bit of damn to do with the choices we've made as fans, students, or citizens.

I will not miss the childish nicknames ("tiggers", "beakers", and others) or references (kU, Mizery) that negate the creativity worthy of a true rivalry, and that don't reflect any knowledge of what actually happens on the field or on the court.

I will not miss the spiteful raving about the wasteland of "Low-Rents", and I will not miss the constant meth references.

I will not miss people who root for the same team I do wishing ill on all that exists in the state in which I live.

I will not miss the vitriol that too often feels like it might cross the line into real life. Like racist chants at Jeremy Lin, the beating of a Giants fan in L.A., or the Toomer's Corner incident.

I enjoy sports hate. I enjoy hating Keiton Page just like Bill C. does. But for me, at least, the flip side of the hate is always respect (except, perhaps, for Bo Pellini). At the end of the day, I respect Bill Self and his team for being good at basketball. I respect their players, and ours, enough to separate what happens on the court from what happens off.

On the court, I will miss getting the chance to beat Kansas once in a while. And I will miss listening to Kansas fans try to convince themselves that our dominance of them in other sports is meaningless.

But with Mizzou headed to the SEC, I hope that we can continue to enjoy watching KU lose to mid-majors in the tournament, just as I'm sure they will enjoy watching us not make the Final Four. Again. And when they don't lose, or we finally break through, well, that'll make things interesting. Because there might just be a little more emphasis on the sports, and a little less on the hate.

Disclaimer: I'm sure that many comments from both fandoms are meant in jest. I'm not talking about clear hyperbole or satire in the above. And I;dr.

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