Message from Alden

(similar to the message RPT re-posted from Coach Haith, here is the same from MU AD Mike Alden)

It has certainly been a very special last several weeks at the University of Missouri, and in particular Mizzou Athletics. The national awareness of our institution and our program has been at an extremely high level.

As examples: we've seen a minimum of two major national in-depth stories on the Tigers (Men's Basketball and the signing of the top football recruit); national exposure on ESPN Big Monday (in our win over Texas); national exposure on ESPNU (on national signing day Wednesday); national exposure on ESPN College GameDay (Saturday from Mizzou Arena) and national exposure on ESPN (in our win over Kansas Saturday night). These are but a few examples of the tremendous exposure Athletics can have as an advertising vehicle for all that we are doing at the University of Missouri in education, research, student development, Extension, etc. Athletics is clearly not the most important thing that we do at Mizzou by any stretch of the imagination, but... it gives us an opportunity to continue to let folks know of the world-class faculty, staff and students we have at the Flagship Institution in the State of Missouri.

In each of these examples, we have an opportunity to present our brand... not just the black and gold, but those characteristics of Mizzou that make us such a special community. As a leading AAU institution in this country, it allows us to promote those values of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence and to let folks who haven't experienced our university to see all that we are through the window of Athletics.

On Saturday, we let folks around the country see what a first class institution we have in Mizzou. Our students, alums, fans and friends showed that we show up early for our competition, we wear gold (unless we're told to wear black for those special contests!), we are loud, we are respectful of the game and of our opponent and we represent Mizzou in a first class manner.

In particular, our students at Mizzou were outstanding in their support of the Tigers, the respect they showed our opponent, the respect that they showed our "MIZ-ZOU" cheer and the way they represented the University of Missouri in a first class and enthusiastic manner to a national television audience. Our students are the true brand ambassadors of Mizzou... and they were outstanding ambassadors on Saturday.

On behalf of all of us in Athletics... thanks to everyone for an exciting display of those positive values that truly make Mizzou a special place! Let's keep building on that momentum as we move forward throughout the year and into the SEC! Go Tigers!

Mike Alden

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