Mizzou Wrestling at NCAA's (Day 2) - Live Thread

It was a decent day for the Tigers yesterday, as they had seven out of ten wrestlers advance in the tournament. Unfortunately, only one of those (197 Brent Haynes) is still alive on the top of the bracket, while the other six will have their work cut out for them to stay in it and keep advancing towards All-American status (which would require they win their next three in a row). Done on the year are Drake Houdashelt at 157, Zach Toal at 165 and Devin Mellon at HWY.

Action will start at 10am today, and I believe many of the matches will be on ESPNU. For my money, Friday night's session is the best of the entire year, as it will feature the national semi-finals, as well as the high-level wrestlebacks. It will be the top of the top in terms of wrestlers at each class, and certainly worth a click or two during commercials in the hoops tournament.

Once again, some helpful links, and a big thanks to those who kept me company in here yesterday. Hopefully more folks will stop by. Also please remember to rec this to move the thread to the top of the page so folks can find it. release: Click Here
Day 2 Brackets: Click Here
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Alan Waters had a tough loss yesterday, and now will have to do some serious work out of the bottom to get to where he should be, which is an All-American. He will start his day against Frey of Princeton before moving on to face the winner of Germaine (EMU) and #11 Snyder (VA)

Nathan McCormick will take on Shelton Mack of Pitt before moving on to potentially face Owen of Boise St. or Quiroga (#9) of Purdue

Nick Hucke will square off against LaValle of ODU to start the morning before possibly facing Goettl of ISU or Port of Edinboro, neither of whom is seeded.

Kyle Bradley, fresh off of two consolation wins already (as he was relegated to the pig-tail consolation match yesterday) looks to keep it going against Busier of Bloomington before a possible match against Santos of Columbia or #9 Habat of Edinboro.

Dorian Henderson will face off against Greg Zannetti of Rutgers before possibly facing Huntley of Navy or #8 Munster of Northwestern.

Mike Larson (who won by pin last night for some extra team points) gets a tough morning draw against #11 Clymer of Hofstra. If he can advance, he will get either Gambrall of Iowa or Avery of Edinboro, neither of whom are seeded.

And finally, Mizzou's final hope at the top of the bracket, #6 Brent Haynes will step out against #3 Matthew Wilps of Pitt. Wilps is 32-3 on the season and has advanced on a 7-3 decision over Bagna Tovujav (yes...seriously) of George Mason and a 11-6 decision over A.J. Kissel of Purdue. Haynes has yet to allow a point, winning 5-0 over Huntley of Michigan and then 6-0 over #11 Micah Burak of Penn.

Speaking of Banga Tovujav, the best name in the tournament still goes to the Citadel wrestler...wait for it...Turtogtokh Luvsandorj.

At any rate, folks at the bottom need to win both matches this morning and then their first tonight to achieve AA status (top 8). A win this morning for Haynes clinches he will finish no worse than 6th.

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