***UPDATED*** The blind resumé game for No. 1 seeds

Assuming Kentucky and Syracuse are getting No. 1 seeds no matter what, there are six candidates left for the other two spots.

Without cheating (which would ruin the purpose of this), how would you rank the following six? Top one probably gets St. Louis, considering none of the six are close to Phoenix, top two get one seeds, and the last one gets left as the No. 2 in Kentucky's bracket, if they follow the S curve.

Note 1: Yes, I'm aware a lot can change this weekend.

Note 2: If you happen to figure out which of the following is Mizzou, try not to be biased. This is science, dammit.

Team A (6-4 vs. top 25, 7-5 vs. top 50, 13-5 vs. top 100, no other losses)
Team B (5-3 top 25, 10-4 top 50, 12-5 top 100, no other losses)
Team C (7-5 top 25, 9-6 top 50, 11-7 top 100, no other losses)
Team D (3-1 top 25, 7-3 top 50, 10-3 top 100, one other loss)
Team E (3-4 top 25, 8-4 top 50, 11-4 top 100, no other losses
Team F (5-5 top 25, 9-5 top 50, 12-6 top 100, no other losses)


OK, here goes, as of 1 a.m. PT on Thursday:

Taking into account all 80 votes in any combination (160 total votes for No. 1 seeds), Team B was the leader (and hypothetical No. 1 in St. Louis) with 60 votes.

Team B is ..... kansas. Boo. Gotta hand it to the beaksters, they've got a good-looking résumé, and we'll have to win the tourney to have a shot at overtaking them for St. Louis.

Second place (and the other hypothetical No. 1 seed) is Team D with 51 votes, though a couple of people commented that they didn't notice the bad loss. Oh well, this team was still second by a wide margin, so we'll go with it.

Team D is ... Mizzou! Hooray. Our résumé takes a hit when you include other games because our non-con schedule was sorry — as in ranked in the 300s sorry. Personally, I think that's kind of stupid, because all of these top teams are going to win all home games against cupcakes. Whether they're ranked No. 225 or 325 in the RPI shouldn't really matter when you're talking about dissecting between the No. 3 and No. 5 team in the country.

Third place is Team A with 27 votes. This one might be the surprise of the group.

Team A is ... Duke. The Blue Devils have a very good-looking collection of wins, even if KenPom tells us they've been one of the luckiest teams in the country.

Fourth place is Team C with 13 votes.

Team C is ... Michigan State. Sparty has work to do in Indianapolis.

Fifth place is Team E with 6 votes. This is a team mentioned as a No. 1 seed almost unanimously right now but was a distant fifth in our blind taste test.

Team E is ... North Carolina. Sorry Heels, but you better win the ACC or bank on a lot of name value if you want to be a No. 1.

And last place is Team F with 3 votes.

Team F is ... Ohio State. The Big Ten was the nation's toughest conference, as evidenced by how many top 25 and top 50 games Michigan State and Ohio State have played. But the conference's elite have beat up one another and might end up with a bunch of Nos. 2 and 3 seeds.

Bottom line for Mizzou: Beat Okie State tonight (obviously). Then things get interesting. Texas is currently No. 51 in the RPI and should be top 50 if it beats ISU. ISU is No. 30 and could slip into the top 25 with a victory over Texas and simply from playing Mizzou. Kansas (or Baylor) would be another top 25 opponent.

*If* the Tigers win the tournament, beating Iowa State and Kansas (or Baylor) and the Cyclones slip into the top 25, that record vs. top 25 RPI teams could jump to 7-1. It would also drop ku's record against top 25 and possibly (probably) give us another win over the beaksters and a 2-1 head-to-head edge. That would be pretty hard for the committee to ignore.

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