OT: HIV/AIDS & Dining Out for Life

This Thursday, April 26th in over 60 cities across the US and Canada, literally thousands of people will join the fight against HIV & AIDS in their communities by dining in thousands of participating restaurants. Those restaurants pledge a percentage of the day's proceeds to help AIDS organizations provide educational programs, critical testing for STIs, and linkage to care and other services for persons living with HIV & AIDS in their local communities.

But. But. The Draft, Dave. The NFL Draft.

I know.

I got you.


Just go to the Dining Out for Life website and find the closest participating city. In Missouri, Dining Out for Life takes place in St. Louis and Kansas City. You will see lots of restaurants to choose from, many of which will also be tuned into the draft.

But. But. I'm tracking six mock drafts. What if Michael Egnew vaults up the board into the first round!? And what about all that witty banter from Mike & Mike? And Mel's hair? Also, my [mother/wife/daughter/significant other] will no longer let me wear my ___ jersey in public. I simply must wear that jersey on draft night, Dave. I must. So you see. It's really quite impossible for me to go out that eve--.

Shhh... [presses index finger to lips]

Listen [low voice]. Listen [whisper].

Help me to help you.

Many participating restaurants serve both lunch and dinner. You could organize your co-workers to go out for lunch at a Dining Out for Life restaurant. Check the website to see which restaurants are donating lunch. Also, the draft doesn't start until 7pm CDT. So you have plenty of time to get your meal on and get home for the draft. (We pretty much know who the first two picks are going to be anyway.)

So, we're good?

I guess.

No. You know.

You're right.

Of course I'm right.

To review. You're checking the Dining Out for Life website for the closest participating city.


Then, you're figuring where to go eat and what time on Thursday, April 26th.


Aaaaaannnnd. You're not keeping this to yourself, right? You're telling everybody.

Got it. I'm gone.

Right on.

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