Mizzou Links, 4-3-12

Marcus Murphy photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

  • Spring 2012
    We Are Mizzou: Spring Competition - Marcus Murphy Mic'd Up
  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Texas WR trying to visit
  • Gabs
    SB Nation KC: Blaine Gabbert Reportedly Suffered Unexplained Toe Injury Through Entire 2011 Season

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Basketball Links

  • Goodbye Kansas Overlord, Hello Kentucky Overlord
    SI.com (Andy Glockner): Though he insists otherwise, Kentucky's championship all about John Calipari
    The Dagger: With its first title in the Calipari Era secured, what will Kentucky look like in 2012-13? (Hint: Again a contender)

SEC (And Big 12)

  • SEC Scheduling
    Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: Future SEC scheduling update

    So with an eight-game schedule still likely, how will it work? The committee is down to two or three formats. One of them, which has the most traction, is a 6-1-1- format (six division games, one cross-division rivalry, and one floating non-division game) where a home-and-home series doesn't have to happen in consecutive years. For instance, if Georgia goes to Alabama in 2013 then Alabama doesn't have to come back to Georgia in 2014. (And I'm not reporting Georgia and Alabama are playing in 2013. That's just an example.)

    Templeton said he hoped the A.D.'s would be able to meet again in late April or early May, and either vote there or make enough progress to finish off things at the summer meetings in Destin, Fla.

    "We're close," he said. "But what we're trying to do is make sure the A.D.'s have the ability to look at all the different format options and we've zeroed in on two or three of those formats. And we're trying to give them some full rotation data, as to what the rotations would look like."

  • Odd
    W.V. Gazette: WVU will add men's sports for Big 12 compliance, but where and when?

Other Mizzou Links


  • My God, That's Tommy Saunders' Music!
    IRock360: Rock 360 Rolling Core Kinetics
  • Yes, Yes, Yes
    YouTube: Anthony Bourdain: 8 Seasons in 80 Seconds
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