Mizzou Links, 5-29-12

Ashley Fleming's production will be missed. (Via MUtigers.com)

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • Next Stop: Tucson
    MUtigers.com: Tiger Baseball Headed to Tucson Regional
    Mizzou Network: Baseball Selection Show Reactions
    SimmonsField.com: MU's NCAA Regional Destination: Tucson, AZ
    The Trib: Missouri to play in Tucson Regional
    The Missourian: Missouri headed to Tucson for NCAA Tournament
    KC Star: Mizzou baseball team gets spot in Arizona regional
    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou will face Arizona
    PowerMizzou: Tigers are Tucson bound
    Dallas Morning News: Longhorns' Augie Garrido: Missouri winning Big 12 tourney, auto bid into NCAA tourney dealt 'final blow' to Texas tourney chances
    SimmonsField.com: MizzouTube: Champs
    KBIA Sports: Surprising win and surprising loss for Mizzou baseball and softball
  • Time To Get To Work On 2013
    The Trib: MU softball team forced to stew in its own juices

    "I’ve been scratching my head all season long," Earleywine said. "We’ve worked so tirelessly with these girls on their mechanics and their mental approach. I think the most frustrating part from a coach’s perspective is that you know they’re capable of having a pretty good mechanical swing. Obviously, every hitter is going to have some things wrong. But if you just line them up in batting practice and watch them hit, they’re pretty sound across the board.

    "But when they get into games, I don’t know what happens. I guess it’s the panic button, but they change. They either get jumpier or longer or they try to swing harder or they stride a different direction. That’s the hurtful part, because you know you’ve created this kid that has a very good swing, but they’re not allowing themselves to be successful because of the panic." […]

    The problem was offense. Earleywine admitted that he was reduced to counting down the at-bats until Fleming’s turn at the plate, because it seemed preposterous that Missouri might string three hits together. Even when MU scored five runs in Game 2, it was the result of exuberant baserunning and botched throws. Missouri’s 12th-inning outburst began with dropped third strike and turned on a not-so-classic three-run fielder’s choice.

    The Missourian: Elimination stings Missouri softball team even more with loss of Fleming

    At times this season, Missouri's No. 3 hitter was the Tiger's only offense. She proved that when she hit a walkoff, ninth-inning home run in the Columbia regional against DePaul that gave the Tigers a 1-0 victory and sent them to the title game.

    "It's unfortunate, but all day long you're going, 'When's Ashley up?'" Earleywine said after Sunday's games. "It's going to be tough to lose that kid, especially the way she's played these last two seasons. ... We'd like to keep her forever, but what are you going to do?" […]

    Fleming was never the vocal presence of this young team, but to a player, everyone considered her a leader. She simply led by example. The lefty with the sweet swing from Silex, who thrived in pressure situations, showed young starters like Kayla Kingsley how to overcome early struggles to become a productive player. She also showed them what she believes are the truly important parts about being a Missouri Tiger.

Football Links



  • Part Two
    Bring On The Cats: Conference Realignment: What Matters In Realignment (Post 2)
  • The Big 12 Still Has Big 12 Tendencies
    Blatant Homerism: Whoa, DeLoss, light a match (and forget about Notre Dame)
    Senator Blutarsky: What we should be talking about with SEC expansion
    Dallas Morning News: Former LSU athletic director: Texas A&M inquired about a move to the SEC in 1991


  • Really Nice Pieces From Yesterday
    SB Nation YouTube: Veterans' Favorite Sports Memories
    Shutdown Corner: Things to know about NFL men who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam
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