Tiger Team Store Feedback Thread

A few weeks ago, myself and a few others engaged in some brainstorming/complaining about the number/quality/focus of the items sold by the Tiger Team Store. I hope that at least some of you will leave your feedback in the comments, so I can submit this for review by the staff at the Team Store to show it's not just me.

Primarily, the thing that bothered me the most was it appears that the Team Store hasn't fully bought into the re-branding of our school for the SEC. I have surveyed a number of sites and discovered there are still many, many items available with either the Block M logo or the Block M logo with the Tiger head superimposed upon it. There are even more items in various shades of gold and yellow.

I am not asking that our school forsake all of our other logos. But if we are truly re-branding, you want the fans to present that same re-branded image when they attend games, especially away games. I had thought that most new apparel introduced since the re-branding would have contained at least 2 of the 3 changes evident to us all:

1. The Tiger head logo.

2. The 'New Gold' color.

3. The word "Mizzou" in the new font.

I am not asking that we, Mizzou fans, forsake our history. But I would expect that going forward from this re-branding, 85% of our new gear would have the Tiger head logo. 10% would have the Block M. 5% would have other logos, like the baseball caps, or the stacked "MU" which represents the flagship university (really, that only belongs on office stuff like mugs, pens, maybe a polo shirt).

Other complaints... after the jump.

- More (larger) sizes (and perhaps a way to track what and how many of each size are in stock).

- More car clings. I've seen a giant 3' x 2' Florida Gator head, both in white and some kind of reflective material since I have moved to St. Petersburg. (I have another idea which ties back into this later).

- Heck, just have the Team Store staff borrow ideas from Alabama or Florida's team stores.

- More topical items, suggested by RPT. How about a shirt proclaiming the end of the Border War, with the current score (for football)? "Kansas surrenders the Border War" or something like that? How about shirts with pictures of sold out Mizzou Arena and Faurot Field, with words like "Mizzou Army - This We Defend"? How about a Mizzou basketball "Reconcile by Winning" shirt?

- I had an idea for car clings the other day, that would fit on the front windshield at the top (or 'brow'), where people normally get tinting (normally 1.5 to 2.5"). Hashtag clings, like #faithinhaith, #miz-sec, #mizzou, #miz-dgb, #thezou, #antlers, #big12champs, #faurot, #mizzounation. Stuff like that, recent & topical, maybe take requests or monitor Twitter to get ideas. I would have put longer ones, like #reconcilebywinning, but I don't know if there's enough room.

- Why can't we get replicas of the new jerseys or helmets? Why can't we get customized jerseys? Why can't we get DVD's of big games like Kansas '07 or Oklahoma '10? I know it costs more money... but we're SEC now. Mike Alden asked the fans to step up. The fans have the right to ask our Team Store to step up, too.

Your thoughts, ideas, and feedback are appreciated below.

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