Game by Game Schedule Analysis

I'm a little bored right now, so I thought I'd take a look at each individual game and break down our chances of winning. It's pretty straightforward: From most likely to win to least likely to win: Certain Win, Likely Win, Toss-up, Likely Loss, Certain Loss

Southeastern Louisiana: Certain Win

Pretty self-explanatory.

Georgia: Toss-up (lean: Win)

Georgia is a tad overrated, it'll be electric at Faurot, and they're dealing with some suspensions to key players. They're still a good team though, and they'll be a tough out.

Arizona State: Likely Win

They lose a lot of key players and quite frankly, they weren't very good last year and they only beat us because their crowd was absolutely nuts last year.

@South Carolina: Likely Loss

With Lattimore back, they are very good. I think they're a much better, more complete team than Georgia and is our top foe for the East championship. Plus their crowds are crazy.

@UCF: Likely Win

They aren't that good, and we should beat them. Small chance for an upset if we don't show up ready, but I don't see it.

Vanderbilt: Likely Win

So they beat up on bad teams and played close with good teams at home last year. Big deal. They were about as good as Iowa State was last year. They only win this game if they play their best and we play our worst. If this were a road game I'd be more fearful. They aren't bad, they're just not good either.

Alabama: Likely Loss

Faurot will be going nuts, but Alabama is scary good. They're a legitimate top team again. I really want to say it's a toss-up with a lean to the loss, but I'm not that confident.

Kentucky: Certain Win

They suck. It's homecoming. End of analysis.

@Florida: Toss-up (lean: Win)

Florida is sort of like Vanderbilt. If this game were at home I'd be more confident. But Gainesville is a tough place to play. I don't know how much better Florida will be from a very mediocre 2011 team, but this is a toss-up simply due to the location.

@Tennessee: Toss-up (lean: Win)

Unlike Florida, I think they're going to clearly be better than last year. They had a tough time with injuries. They'll probably have anywhere from 6-8 wins. Once again, tough stadium to play in. Still, we're a better team.

Syracuse: Likely Win

If the crowd shows up, we'll win. If they don't show up, it could be like the Texas Tech game last year (lousy crowd, bad team shows up to play and nearly pulls out a win).

@Texas A&M: Likely Win

It'll be a big crowd, but we're used to that at Kyle Field. Plus, they simply won't be very good. They lose a lot from a very mediocre 2011 team and are in transition mode.

Realistic best-case scenario: 11-1 (loss to Alabama)

Realistic worst-case scenario: 6-6 (losses to Georgia, ASU, USC, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee)

Likely Scenario: 9-3 (losses to South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee)

Of course this could easily change if we suffer tons of injuries to key guys like we did last year. Thoughts?

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