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Mizzou Football Links

Obviously injuries are awful, but Travis Ruth's torn tricep has given more mic time to Max Copeland, and as long as he's also competent on the football field (yet to be determined), that's almost a net win.

Two interesting things from the links below: 1) Pinkel thinks they might get Ruth back "sometime in November," and if they do, it sounds like they'll play him. Might be a sign that they don't think they can get a medical redshirt for him (or that he doesn't want one, I guess). 2) Harold Brantley's not on the two-deep. I didn't realize that at first. So either Marvin Foster showed enough that they decided to redshirt Brantley, or, of course, Brantley didn't show enough.

  • Game Week!
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Media Day Quotes

    "Let me give you a quick injury update here with our football team. Wesley Leftwich has a Jones fracture, just like Justin Britt did; hopefully we'll get him back in a couple weeks. Henry Josey will not play this year, you probably figured that out. I tell you what, in practice yesterday, it was kind of interesting, it was Sunday evening and offense and defense were practicing on both ends of the field in The Zou and all of a sudden I see this guy in a red jersey with his shoulder pads on and he is striding the full length of the field and I'm standing at the fifty yard line and it was Henry and he was running and running good and he was running hard. He's a remarkable kid and I'm so impressed and I went over there and gave him a big hug and high five. He will be back one of these days and I have to say that and I admire him so much as he's battled through all the adversity he's had.

    "Travis Ruth - torn triceps tendon that he had surgery and we would like to have him back sometime in November, it will be that late if we can at all, but he will work hard to get that done. Jack Meiners - strained knee, he won't play this week; hopefully we can get him back next week. Kip Edwards and Braylon Webb go from doubtful to questionable, I think there is a good possibility that they can play, we will find that out as the next few days go. Taylor Chappell and Mark Hill both out for the season and both offensive lineman. Mark for career for medical reasons and Taylor because he tore his ACL.

    Mizzou Network: Moe, Tigers Ready for Home Opener
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Missouri releases Week 1 depth chart
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers Meet the Press

    After most of the players, coaches and media had left the building, a couple writers and I had the pleasure of a Max Copeland experience. Dude is a sportswriter's dream. Easily one of the most fascinating players I’ve interviewed in years. Incredibly insightful, colorful, candid, sensitive and hilarious. Copeland will make his first career start on Saturday. He might be the only person alive in the Central Time Zone who ever believed that sentence would be typed. And other than Elvis Fisher, who missed his senior season last year, there might not be a player who walks out of the tunnel Saturdday more grateful for the experience. At one point in our conversation, Copeland asked us to turn around and look at Memorial Stadium across the street. "Hell, just look at that, man," he said. "I’m a part of that, you know? You didn’t build this place, but you inherited it and you get to be a part of it. It’s still surreal to me, man. It’s like a dream." I must have checked my tape recorder a dozen times during our chat to make sure it was taping. Look for more in Tuesday’s Tribune.

    PowerMizzou: First Look Notebook

    There are two spots where a competition looks to be continuing this week. Trey Barrow and Andrew Baggett are listed as "even" at placekicker. Barrow may have had the edge going into the final scrimmage, but both kickers made just 3-of-7 attempts in the final scrimmage.

    At longsnapper on PATs and field goals, walk-ons Mitch Hall and Jake Hurrell are listed as even. Brad Madison will be the snapper on punts, but one of those two players will handle the snaps on place kicks.

    PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Week One Media Day
    KC Star: MU releases new depth chart; Meiners out "minimum" of two weeks

    I find it interesting that tight end Sean Culkin, who has been out for the better part of two weeks with a broken finger, is still listed third at the position behind both players. It speaks to how much the staff thinks of him; if he wasn't going to play this year, I'm sure he would have been left off the depth chart.

    Post-Dispatch: DGB is No. 2 tight end ... sort of

    Green-Beckham was listed behind junior tight end Eric Waters on the depth chart released today for Saturday's season opener against Southeastern Louisiana.

    The Tigers have been working out their prized recruit at two receiver spots, but "Y," one of the inside spots, is where he'll be for now.

    At Mizzou, designation as a "Y" hardly sentences DGB or anyone else there to a block-first, catch-later career. (See Chase Coffman, 90 receptions in 2008, and Michael Egnew, 90 catches in 2010.)

    For that matter, technically speaking under that terminology ...

    "Danario Alexander (an All-America receiver) was a tight end," receivers coach Andy Hill said, adding, "The `Y' for us is just where it puts him in formation. So we'll do different things with different guys."

    Post-Dispatch: Pinkel addresses injuries, Southeastern Louisiana
    MUtigers.com: A New Era Begins, For Real


    It's not a formula that is easy on the stomach, but it certainly is a key to winning close ballgames - winning the 4th quarter. The Missouri Tigers were very good down the stretch in 2011, and parlayed those late-game heroics into several big rallies which led to wins.

    The 4th quarter was decidedly a huge advantage for the Tigers in 2011. Mizzou outscored opponents by a whopping 143-to-59 margin in the 4th quarter, and twice rallied from double-digit 4th-quarter deficits to post wins. The first instance came at Texas A&M, as the Tigers trailed on the road by 11 points in the 4th quarter before coming back to force overtime, and eventually claimed a 38-31 overtime win. That stands as the 2nd-largest 4th-quarter comeback win in school history (13 is the largest, in 1949 against Nebraska).

    Just four games later, Mizzou saw itself trailing at home on Senior Day to Texas Tech, by a 27-17 count early in the 4th quarter, but the Tigers dug in and rallied for a 31-27 win to attain bowl eligibility.

    The 143 4th-quarter points was the 3rd-most in the FBS, trailing only Houston (168 in 14 games) and Toledo (156 in 13 games). Conversely, the Tigers scored only 54 points in the 3rd quarter in 2011, a figure which ranked 89th out of 120 teams comprising the FBS ranks.

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  • Not Sure This Is A Good Idea, But Hooray!
    Birmingham News: SEC fans will see more replays at stadiums, including the controversial ones

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  • Mizzou Cross Country
    MUtigers.com: Cross Country Starts Strong in Regional Polls
  • Non-Official Sports
    The Trib: MU students play for love of their sports
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