Mizzou Links, 9-18-12

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Strong safety William Moore #25 of the Atlanta Falcons intercepts a pass intended for tight end Jacob Tamme #84 of the Denver Broncos during a game at the Georgia Dome on September 17, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

I'm very proud of myself for cutting off a 10-tweet rant about a certain national columnist making an absolutely disgusting Aaron O'Neal reference to just a single tweet. There's nothing more I could say to make it look worse than it already looks. So instead ... FALCONS GIFS.

William Moore last night: 6.5 tackles, a sack, an interception, and a pass broken up. That's ... well that's ridiculously good. Oh yeah, and Sean Weatherspoon led the Falcons in tackles and broke up a pass. So these two just go door to door, recruiting for Mizzou in ATL after practice, right?

Mizzou Football Links

So ... Cortisone Gate is over now, right? ...right?

Also: WELCOME BACK, JACK MEINERS. SO, SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. And congrats to Kenronte Walker; when I first saw that he won the SEC's defensive player of the week award, I was a little confused that he got it over Sheldon Richardson. But then I realized that Walker not only made the game-clinching pick but also broke up the fourth-down pass on the drive before. Yeah, that'll do it.

  • Vandy Tickets
    MUtigers.com: Tiger Two-Pack for Vanderbilt Game Announced
  • The East Is Pretty Good
    The Trib: SEC's 'other' division climbing back up the charts
  • Gabs
    SB Nation: Blaine Gabbert Should Be Fine After Injury
  • We Are Mizzou
    We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Spirit Spotlight
    We Are Mizzou: Offensive Play of the Week

Other Football Links

  • The Top 25
    SB Nation YouTube: College Football Top 25 - Week 4: Trojans Fall Hard, Tide Keep Rolling

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Soccer
    The Trib: Missouri nonrevenue sports shine in SEC
    Mizzou Network: Highlights -- Soccer Wins at South Carolina
  • Mizzou Men's Golf
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Golf Leads Golfweek Conference Challenge
  • Mizzou Women's Golf
    MUtigers.com: Golf Tied for Third at Cardinal Cup
  • Mizzou Tennis
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Hosts Aces for the Cure Invitational This Weekend


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