Mizzou Links, 9-26-12

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Sheldon Richardson thrives, E.J. Gaines moves on, and Mizzou extends Tim Jamieson's contract.

And now that the monstrous trip diary is out of the way, it's time to play catch-up. In terms of in-week progress, I am typically where I find myself on about Monday afternoon. But that BTBS piece reeeeeally needs to get written today, huh? Full-speed ahead.

Mizzou Football Links

  • This Week
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with E.J. Gaines
    The Trib: Pinkel says he expects James Franklin to improve
    KC Star: Missouri expects a challenge at Central Florida (gee, you think?)
    Post-Dispatch: A SEC-ond look at Mizzou media day
    PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
    KBIA Sports: Missouri looks to clean up defensive mistakes, missed tackles against Central Florida
  • Sheldon
    Post-Dispatch: Sheldon Richardson starting to meet expectations

    The revitalized Richardson, who missed spring practice after shoulder surgery, is down about 30 pounds from a year ago, such weight loss that he said Kuligowski at one point told him to eat some donuts lest he shrivel away.

    His mobility and durability both have improved remarkably, which explains why he at times is lined up outside or as a de facto linebacker.

    "He's kind of our wild card," Kuligowski said.

    Or as defensive coordinator Dave Steckel put it: "God has blessed him with talent, and through his work ethic and (Kuligowski's) brain we're trying to utilize that talent."

    But there's another difference that's evident to those around him: sheer desire. That work ethic Steckel referred to?

    "Fantastic," he said.

  • Next Week
    MUtigers.com: GA Tickets for Vanderbilt Game on Sale Wednesday

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Mizzou Madness
    The Trib: ESPN will cover Mizzou Madness basketball event
  • :-(
    The Dagger: MEAC Preview: Rush of publicity from Missouri win has long-lasting impact at Norfolk State

Other Basketball Links

  • Comebacks
    KenPom.com: The 1%-ers: 2012's craziest comebacks

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Not that you cannot end an extended contract early, but Mizzou's extension of Tim Jamieson's contract really is, as trripleplay puts it below, a huge vote of confidence at a time when, honestly, a lot of us are struggling with confidence in the baseball program. Of course, the reason I personally struggle with confidence doesn't really have to do with Jamieson -- it has more to do with the fact that we saw some of the conference's baseball facilities this past week, and ... Mizzou has a long way to go, both in terms of department support and fan support. Fingers crossed.

  • Jamieson
    MUtigers.com: Jamieson Extended Through 2015
    SimmonsField.com: Tim Jamieson's contract extended

    In a HUGE vote of confidence, Mike Alden and the MU Athletic Department have extended Tim Jamieson's contract through 2015.

    Jamieson's contract had been scheduled to conclude at the end of the current 2012-13 season, leaving room for speculation that his job security was depended on performance in the Tigers' first year in the tough Southeastern Conference.

    But the AD apparently believes that the coach who led his team to the Big 12 Tournament title in 2012 deserves more of a running start in the SEC.

  • Fall Practice
    MUtigers.com: Baseball Opens Official Fall Practice Thursday

Other Mizzou Links

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