Mizzou Links, 1-14-13


Mizzou will have multiple players in the Super Bowl one way or another, Pat Washington is Mizzou's new receivers coach, and ... fine, Mizzou played basketball on Saturday. You're not going to let me ignore that, are you...

Mizzou Basketball Links

So apparently that game that didn't happen on Saturday, did actually happen on Saturday. So I guess that means we have to talk about it today.

Mizzou Football Links

Well, from a Mizzou perspective, this weekend in the NFL playoffs couldn't have gone any better, huh? You'll have Sean Weatherspoon's, William Moore's and Chase Coffman's Atlanta Falcons facing off versus Justin Smith's and Aldon Smith's San Francisco 49ers next week in the NFC Championship. That's pretty awesome. (And congrats in advance to next week's Pats-Ravens winner for their Super Bowl title. The Sports God isn't going to let multiple Mizzou guys win a title in anything, so the NFCC winner is screwed.)

(And I hope other people had the same "Wait ... WAS THAT CHASE COFFMAN?????" reaction that I did when he made that great, and totally Coffman-esque, catch in the first half. Good to see you again, Chase.)

Meanwhile, I've totally dropped the ball on a Pat Washington post. But ... hey, look! Pat Washington is going to be Mizzou's new receivers coach!

  • Washington
    The Trib: Washington agrees to become MU receivers coach
    KC Star: Pat Washington will be Missouri's new wide receivers coach
    Shutdown Corner: Five craziest plays from end of Atlanta's playoff win
  • Perfect Landing For Yost
    The Trib: Yost accepts job at Washington State

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

  • Hey, Coach
    The Trib: Q&A with Tim Jamieson
  • Southern Exposure
    SimmonsField.com: Southern Exposure: Baseball>Basketball, 3-and-Out

Other Mizzou Links

So ... the Mizzou women got completely smoked by a good team again on Sunday. Granted, they're far too young to threaten a Top 10 team (and they've already played three Top 10 teams in SEC play, which is unfair), but ... would love to see a loss by fewer than 20 points at some point. Meanwhile ... holy smokes, Mizzou fans. Nearly 6,000 in attendance for the Mizzou-Bama gymnastics duel? Well done.

  • Mizzou Gymnastics
    MUtigers.com: Gymnastics Draws Largest Ever Pink Out Crowd Against No. 1 Alabama
    The Trib: Alabama gymnasts roll to win
    Al.com: No. 1 Alabama gymnasts open 2013 season with victory at No. 21 Missouri
  • Mizzou Swimming & Diving
    MUtigers.com: Swimming & Diving Sweeps Alabama
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    MUtigers.com: Mizzou Falls to No. 6 Kentucky, 69-43
    The Trib: No. 6 Kentucky whips Missouri
    The Missourian: No. 6 Kentucky breaks down Missouri
    The Missourian: Pingeton remains positive after Missouri loses to Kentucky
  • Mizzou Tennis
    MUtigers.com: Tennis Impresses at Day One at Adidas IU Winter Invite
    MUtigers.com: Tennis Continues Action at Adidas IU Winter Invitational
    The Trib: MU tennis starts quest for NCAAs
  • Mizzou Wrestling
    The Trib: Bradley's rise began at home
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