I don't drink Kool - Aid very often but when I do it's the Black and Gold.

In a fan post I made last year before the season, I unabashedly admitted I am a Mizzou Homer. So in reading this post, take that in mind.

I have thought a lot of making a comment on this season yet I have refrained due to being scared about conjuring up scenes of last year. So I guess now the time is right. I feel it. Don't you?

From the beginning of the year I have believed this will be a very good team. Sure, I have read all of Bill's stats, his and others analysis and know I should be deeply afraid of the upcoming season. It just makes sense. AND by the by, thanks for all of what you guys do. Amazing stuff and very fun to read, plus your banter...ANYWAY. We play in the big bad SEC, we played some cupcakes to open the season, last year we didn't even make a this I say pishah.

I love our chances this weekend against Georjahh. I thought at the beginning of the season we would be able to compete with them. We have a TEAM of playmakers. I believe THEY believe they can be really good. And now with all of the injuries the Dawgs have sustained (sucks to be them but we can relate, no?) we are catching them at just the right time.

After watching our games and in all of the links I have perused this week, I see no reason to not expect us to play very well, against a team that has had severe injuries to their powerful offense, the same team that has a defense that has struggled mightily this season and their special teams sound very fragile. They are still good. I understand. They have great recruits, a good coach and are in their house. But I like my Tigers. Pinkel seems giddy when he discusses these guys. Offense has playmakers, defense has playmakers, Special Teams are special, OC has proven he knows some football, STEC, and an atmosphere of love and humility amongst the players. Josey and his return from catastrophe being an inspiration...we lead or are really close to the lead in many many SEC and national categories...Franklin bringing back the Tank...So many intangibles. So much fun.

I think I could go on and on and on (non - con that was not really that cupcakey, DL winning SEC awards, INT's...see what I mean?), but you get the picture.

I predict a win, a solid win. I never bet but I did this game. Georgie by 8? Nope, not gonna happen.


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