Mizzou Recruiting roundup: Who is still available locally?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Six "local" kids still hold Mizzou offers and could add to this rising class.

So, the 2013 season that Mizzou and Gary Pinkel are putting together has certainly bumped recruiting up lately. The 2014 class is almost full, but there appears to be a few spots left. Thinking about this, FbU asked me on twitter last night who was still being recruited "locally" for this 2014 class. According to PowerMizzou.com (which really should be your end all be all for recruiting info), there are five kids left in the KC or Missouri area that have offers from Mizzou and have not yet committed:

Braden Smith 6'6 275lbs Tackle 6.0 6-6/275 Olathe, KS 5 list
Matt Quarells 6'3 185lbs Wide Receiver 0 star
6-3/185 Florissant, MO NR list
Roderick Johnson 6'7 310lbs Tackle 5.8 6-7/310/- Florissant, MO 22 list
Brian Wallace 6'6 304lbs Tackle 5.6 6-6/304/- St. Louis, MO 54 list
Raymond Wingo 6'0 165lbs Cornerback 5.7 6-0/165/4.31 St. Louis, MO 30 list

The two biggest names and recruits are by far Braden Smith and Roderick Johnson. Both are four-star recruits that are getting love from all the big boys along with Mizzou. Neither kid has appeared to give out much info about where their recruitment stands and that will most likely stay the case until after the college season is over. Getting even one of these kids could be another huge boost for this recruiting class.

Depending on who you talk to, Missouri appears to be in decent standing with both Brian Wallace and Raymond Wingo. For the other player -- WR Matt Quarells from Florissant -- there isn't a ton of info on him, but for an unranked prospect, he has a solid list of offers from big time BCS schools.

It would certainly be nice to add another three- or four-star recruit to this class, especially a kid from the area. Gary Pinkel and company have been known to throw an offer out there late in the process, and you could see more interest from those that had passed Mizzou over because of last years results.

It won't be long now before we start to look at the 2015 recruiting class.

On the basketball front:

Jakeenan Gant profile

This his a highlight video of him, as with most of these types of things, I would highly suggest "MUTE"

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