Missouri 24, Ole Miss 10: Grading the defense

Stacy Revere

Your defensive MVPs: Harold Brantley (8.30), Randy Ponder (7.96), Andrew Wilson (7.72), Markus Golden (7.63), Kony Ealy (7.60).

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Steckel: 7.86 (season average: 6.96 -- 6.24 in non-conference play, 7.38 in conference play)


Another game, another TO. Give up some yardage, but never let them score.

Good game plan and looked great in his puffy gold jacket

Good gameplan and good stuff

Great game plan

great game plan.Pass defense needs some fine tuning with JFootball rolling in to town this week end.

Great gameplan

head coach material

Nice job, especially late in the game.

Ole Miss has players, and our D was ready for them. Really nice work. dlh

Ole Miss scored 10 points (well 17 but it got called back)

Pretty darn impressive all around.

Red. Zone. De. Fense.

stand your ground

Steadfast, yet creative as always.

Steckel wakes up inside the 20.

That's some outstanding bend-don't-break. -Mac6

There is no logical explanation of why Andrew Wilson should be rotated. Only hurts our team along with a great kid and player's future.

well done Steck now go #BeatTAMU

Defensive End

Markus Golden: 7.63 (season average: 7.23)
Kony Ealy: 7.60 (7.11)
Shane Ray: 7.13 (6.90)
Michael Sam: 7.09 (7.43)


Best in nation

Constant pressure without the sacks is still good

Good games all around.

If you haven't noticed, Ole Miss has good pass protection. They did they same thing against LSU's DEs.

Kony coming on strong

Kony Ealy is the destroyer

Most influential group in regards to offensive game planning.

Not a lot of stats, but very disruptive.

Not many sacks but lots of disruption and TFLs are just as effective.

not their greatest game, but constant effort #BeatTAMU

Only one sack... bunch of slackers! -Mac6

Our speed rush defensive needs need to be sharp for Johnny Football this week.

Seems like the worst game all year from this group, but still harrassed Bo Wallace.

starting getting more sacks boys

The Sack Pack

They good. Really really good.

Very good work by these guys. dlh

Defensive Tackle

Harold Brantley: 8.30 (season average: 6.74)
Lucas Vincent: 7.40 (6.68)
Matt Hoch: 7.33 (6.70)
Josh Augusta: 7.19 (6.30)

All-stars of the D. Massive push up front, stuffed the run up the middle every damn time. And Lucas Vincent reading that screen...vicious.

Brantley and Vincent were great, who had that statement ready going in? #BeatTAMU

Brantley for Fullback!!!!

Brantley went all beast mode. Didn't disrupt the QB much, but stopped the run very well against a good O-Line.


getting better, pretty good

Great job clogging up the middle against the run.Need a little better push to the QB.

Great job clogging up the middle.Need a little better push to the QB.

Harold Brantley is soooo fast.

Harold Brantley Ya'll !!! (Stone cold move by the coaches , and great knowledge of all your players to do that...he returned kicks in highschool)

Harry Brantley, stand out game.

keep plugging the holes

Only one tackle, but a blocked kick and punt fake get a grade bump for Brantley. --Mac6

Our d tackles are beastly, stuffing the run stopping screens, running fake punts amazing


Stifling goal line defense, AT MIZZOU? Now I know I'm dreaming.

These guys will be the key to stopping JFF this saturday.

Very good

Very good job by these guys. Brantley had a heck of a game. dlh


Andrew Wilson: 7.72 (season average: 7.21)
Kentrell Brothers: 6.93 (6.74)
Donovan Bonner: 6.71 (6.46)
Darvin Ruise: 6.71 (6.31)

Andrew Wilson has no remorse for human life or other forms.

better on screens

Bonner didn't do much, but the other guys were solid. -Mac6

Credit Ole Miss for having tiny RBs who can get lost in a crowd. Barring two runs, the LBs cleaned up the runners.

Did Wilson miss a tackle?! That's a first.

Going to miss you Andrew #BeatTAMU

Good all around game by this corps

Good enough

Good, efficient, solid. dlh

Most room for improvement.

need to improve tackling

Never saw anyone but AW

stuffed the run

The Wilson position did very well cleaning up whatever the line didn't demolish.

wilson dominant as usual.Group needs to be sharper on the screen/quick passes.

Wilson is a human wrecking ball


Randy Ponder: 7.96 (season average: 6.67)
E.J. Gaines: 7.45 (7.56)
Aarion Penton: 6.56 (6.75)
John Gibson: 6.49 (6.62)

AMP gave up a deep pass and Gaines allowed Pruitt to overtake him as INT leader.

Another solid day from the CBs. -Mac6

EJ was a victim of good play calling against our zone at times. Ponder has been HUGE for us. Penton and Gibson continue to show great things to come.

Gettin better and better.

Gibson raised grade for continually showing his fins up haha

good overall, but let recievers get past them a couple of times too often.

Great stuff!!! Increasing that record number of games with a take away. KEEP IT UP!

I crapped on Ponder a lot to start the year, but he's really improved #BeatTAMU


Ole Miss had about 3 big plays, everything else was shut down. Guys did a great job. Ponder on the INT. dlh

Ponder had a huge game!

Randy got rowdy nice game

RanPond getting the pick and some good tackling

Solid game at the end

Still impressed with the youngsters. Those quick passes were tough to cover but they did a good job to minimize yardage.

still looking for your best game


Braylon Webb: 7.13 (season average: 6.69)
Matt White: 6.79 (6.24)
Ian Simon: 6.56 (6.30)

Braylon Webb is a pretty reliable safety, particularly in coverage.

Good enough.

Good Matt White and Bad Matt White

good--but step it up a notch--more aggressive

Holding Firm.

Hope Singleton can play this week. -Mac6

I'm not sold with Simon as the nickel.

Matt White has ball carrier run right by him, news at 11.

Matt White you frustrate me so

Matt White's pursuit angles look like someone is controlling him with an Etch A Sketch

need to improve tackling

Probably Matt White's best game from a fan perspective. Webb really strong. dlh

Safeties did great too!

Safety played decent

White and Webb have been good enough this year, let's hope that continues #BeatTAMU

Special Teams

Jake Hurrell (long snapping): 7.81 (season average: 7.31)
Andrew Baggett (place-kicking): 7.78 (5.89)
Andrew Baggett (kickoffs): 7.72 (7.66)
Braylon Webb (holding): 7.58 (6.90)
Christian Brinser (punting): 7.54 (6.73)

Also a solid 9 for Harold Brantley

Baggs kicked well, looked like the strength and accuracy of old

Brinser did a great job to flip the field when our offense wasn't getting anywhere, Baggett didn't have any soul crushing screw ups

Good story.

Great job Baggett, keep it up!

Nice game for Andrew.

no issues, let's keep it that way #BeatTAMU

No missed field goals

No missed kicks, one great fake, Mizzou won special teams for once. -Mac6

Perfect snap to Brantley

Pinkel had no faith in Baggett on the long field goal so we went for it on 4th down and came up short. Fans shouldnt get worried when extra points are kicked but we are.

Solid game Baggett

That'll do Bag(gett), that'll do.

The moment Pinkel called the fake, I knew he was "all in" and the gloves are off with his team.

Very good

Very solid performance. Left Brant;ey's comment in the DL section. dlh

watch those lanes--you boys make me nervous

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