BIG CAT WEEK vs A&M Zebras?

Just a couple of interesting side notes for the game this weekend:

1. After perusing Good Bull Hunting's article "The Tailgate...", posted here this morning, I followed up on a claim made in it's "Twitter" section. It is true. This Friday, National Geographic begins its annual BIG CAT WEEK.



Trivia point - Tigers, lions, jaguars, and leopards are the only felines that can roar thanks to the fact that they have two hyoid bones in their neck as opposed to just one, like humans and the rest of the cats.

Okay, so we've got NatGeo on our side. But tigers don't usually attack aggies in the wild, at least not in any articles I could find. Tigers generally avoid humans. Just look at The Jungle Book where things didn't turn out so great for Shere Khan (the tiger. I looked up the spelling) when he ran into Mowgli. So, how could tigers be coaxed into pursuing an aggie...

2. ...what if the aggies were dressed up like zebras? While geographically the tiger and zebra don't meet in the wild, it's pretty safe to assume that it wouldn't take long for a tiger to become pretty interested in a new striped meal. Especially if that zebra is making money gestures on the field.

Adidas posted this teaser for A&M's uniforms when they travel up to Columbia:



To a hungry tiger, these stripes could easily be confused for a prey animal. An odd uniform choice when facing a top-of-the-food-chain predator.

Okay, okay. Maybe it's not necessarily zebra print. As @Mac6uffin pointed out, this could likely be related to the Dazzle Camouflage used for battleships in World War I and II. Hmmm....tigers vs battleships? Enter the Flying Tigers, a WWII volunteer group of pilots from the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.



While I'm sure holes can be poked in these coincidences and many more can be unearthed, I just wanted to throw a few more logs on the fire for the this Saturday's huge game. Also, I wanted to prepare everyone for what the aggies will look like on Saturday. Just don't look directly at them and take a Benadryl or Antivert and you should be okay..

Tigers vs zebras. Flying Tigers vs dazzle battleships. Either way, should be a great game in a great atmosphere.

Go Tigers!

PS - I'm a long time reader, first time poster on this great site. I'd appreciate any comments/critiques. This post doesn't have the depth or insight generally seen on RMN, but hopefully it's a nice mental break from the hard hitting articles generally seen here.

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