Mizzou Links, 2-5-13


The Elliott family is enjoying itself, Frank Haith loses clothing with regularity, and the diamond sports get closer and closer.

Mizzou Football Links

Yeah ... I think it's official that Ezekiel Elliott is enjoying the recruiting process.

Elliott and his family have really enjoyed giving us all coded messages in the last few days, and they have all been ripe for hilariously deep analysis into body language, language in general, the size of smiles, etc. Kudos to them for enjoying themselves, I guess, but luckily it lasts only one more day, one way or another.

(My only piece of far-too-deep analysis: If his parents have truly been trying to steer him toward Mizzou this whole time, the fact that his dad is playing such a role in the above videos, pictures, etc. ... well, it would be odd if he were doing that when he knew his son wasn't ending up with Mizzou, right? Of course, the perfectly rational response is that he's doing this to make Missouri look/feel good about itself and build up his school while supporting his son's choice of Ohio State. And that's why in-depth analysis into any of this is both fun and completely pointless.)

Other Football Links

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    Matt Waldman: Tulane QB Ryan Griffin and The Disconnect Between Evaluating and Drafting Talent

Mizzou Basketball Links

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Hard to explain: Missouri's win over Tennessee, 4-5 SEC start
    The Missourian: Win over Tennessee improves outlook for Missouri women's basketball
    The Maneater: Missouri's win over No. 9 Tennessee big step in Pingeton's process
    MUtigers.com: Doty Earns Freshman of the Week Honors


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    Shutdown Corner: The Will Ferrell Super Bowl commercial you didn't see: Gaze upon insanity
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    Serious Eats: Maker's Marketing: How Bourbon Came Back into Style


National Signing Day is fast approaching, and Dan Rubenstein has your news and notes on who's already signed, what holes coaches need to fill, and what fans can expect when the deadline strikes for high-school athletes to formally sign their letters of intent. In this edition, Rubenstein is talking all things SEC.

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