I love Mizzou

I love Mizzou.

I feel like it needs to be said. I love Faurot Field and Mizzou Arena. I love Francis Quadrangle, each of the six columns, Jesse Hall, and Memorial Union. I love our football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, wrestling, swimming, diving, track & field, cross country, and all the other teams. I'll support them with a big M-I-Z Z-O-U all day every day. Mizzou Arena sold out for a rivalry game is the best place in the world.

I love being an SEC member. I love playing against the indisputably best college teams in the country. I love Marching Mizzou, I love Every True Son, Fight Tigers, The Missouri Waltz, and of course the Alma Mater, Old Missouri. I love Truman the Tiger. I love the gold bleachers at Faurot Field and the black ones at Mizzou Arena. I love the Rock M on the hill. I love the Tiger logo. I love the diamonds in the end zone and I love "The Norm".

I love my fellow students and our professors. I love One Mizzou. I love the great things that this University does. And even more I love the great things the students at this great University do. I love all the students who went out in massive amounts of snow to help people move their cars.

I love Mizzou. Sure, the much anticipated Inaugural SEC season didn't go as planned for football and basketball. But you're lying if you didn't enjoy the ride. The Georgia game was amazing, it didn't fall our way at the end, but in my mind, we proved that we belong on the field with great teams. And then Kenronte's interception in the end zone to beat Arizona State! It sucked not making a bowl game, but we got to see some great plays anyways. We've got DGB coming back and of course SUPER AWESOME DEMIGOD OF A RUNNING BACK OF GREATNESS HENRY F'ING JOSEY is returning, 162 days and counting ladies and gents.

Maybe we didn't win the SEC in basketball, or even dominate it. But remember Keion dunking over six people at Mizzou Madness? Remember taking down Illinois and retaining Braggin Rights AGAIN? Remember knocking off a top five team in Florida with an awe inspiring comeback? Remember throwing Mike Anderson out of Mizzou Arena in 30 point victory style? Even though South Carolina was bad, it's never a bad thing to beat Frank Martin twice in a season. Remember our fans doing the impossible and shutting Marshal Henderson up for 40 minutes? Remember the good times you had with friends and family tailgating and watching games?

I want as much as anybody for next year to be better. I want to go back to a bowl game, winning eight or nine games in the process. I want the regular season and tournament SEC crowns. And I want a deep tournament run. But just because those things didn't happen this year, doesn't mean I'm turning my back on Mizzou, or even saying I didn't enjoy it.

I love Mizzou. M-I-Z!

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