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Under Construction: The Missouri Offense
PowerMizzou: Under Construction

Yost may have been "The Guy With the Hair." For now, Henson's is just "The New Guy."

It's a blank slate for Henson. Sure, he already has a long coaching career, 12 years and counting despite his young age (37). But no one pays attention to the position coaches, at least outside of places named Austin or Tuscaloosa or Athens. Always held accountable by his colleagues and players, Henson is now held accountable by the fans.

They'll be his boneheaded calls, after all.

There's the unknown, however. What kind of calls will they be? Pinkel and Henson said early they would stick with the spread, a system that best fits Missouri's personnel. Henson's career began around pro-style, multiple offenses, and his time at Missouri was his first under a true spread offense.

"I felt like after a year or so, I felt really comfortable in it," Henson said. "Not that I wasn't comfortable from the beginning. I just didn't have a great understanding of what we were trying to get done and know where I could give suggestions to help out."

Along with the ability to coach the offensive line, Henson said he accepted the initial job at Missouri in order to "help grow (his) philosophy as a coach, what (he) liked and believed in."

"I think it's important to see different things, to be exposed to different lines of thoughts," Henson said. "I think it helps you grow as a coach. All those things helped prepare me for this opportunity."

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Really, I guess "Under Construction" wouldn't be a bad slogan for Mizzou Athletics as a whole, huh?

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