2013-14 Missouri basketball schedule is complete

Jamie Squire

The Tigers play 12 games versus teams that won 20 games last year, eight games versus teams ranked in Ken Pomeroy's top 60 last year.

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So sans a couple of exhibition games, Mizzou's 2013-14 schedule is complete.

Date Opponent Details
Last Year's
Last Year's
KenPom Rk
Last Year's
Nov. 8 SE Louisiana 13-18 281 226
Nov. 12 Southern Illinois
14-17 179 193
Nov. 16 vs. Hawaii in Kansas City 17-15 215 210
Nov. 23 Gardner-Webb 21-13 188 195
Nov. 25 IUPUI 6-26 336 326
Nov. 28 vs. Northwestern in Las Vegas 13-19 130 168
Nov. 29 vs. Nevada in Las Vegas 12-19 181 173
Dec. 5 West Virginia 13-19 125 147
Dec. 7 UCLA 25-10 47 26
Dec. 15 Western Michigan 22-13 147 129
Dec. 21 vs. Illinois in St. Louis 23-13 39 40
Dec. 28 at N.C. State 24-11 38 33
Jan. 4 Long Beach State 19-14 178 115
Jan. 8 Georgia SEC 15-17 99 140
Jan. 11 at Auburn SEC 9-23 194 251
Jan. 16 at Vanderbilt SEC 16-17 85 108
Jan. 18 Alabama SEC 23-13 57 60
Jan. 21 at LSU SEC 19-12 95 86
Jan. 25 South Carolina SEC 14-18 212 227
Jan. 28 at Arkansas SEC 19-13 71 95
Feb. 1 Kentucky SEC 21-12 48 57
Feb. 4 at Florida SEC 29-8 2 8
Feb. 8 at Ole Miss SEC 27-9 32 47
Feb. 13 Arkansas SEC 19-13 71 95
Feb. 15 Tennessee SEC 20-13 75 59
Feb. 19 Vanderbilt SEC 16-17 85 108
Feb. 22 at Alabama SEC 23-13 57 60
Feb. 25 at Georgia SEC 15-17 99 140
March 1 Mississippi State SEC 10-22 259 231
March 5 Texas A&M SEC 18-15 100 101
March 8 at Tennessee SEC 20-13 75 59

Some immediate thoughts:

  • That stretch from January 28 to February 8 is rough. Kentucky's not going to be 48th again, and that's the only home game sandwiched between trips to Fayetteville, Gainesville, and Oxford? Yikes. Obviously there are some incredibly palatable stretches elsewhere on the schedule, but that one will be tough for morale.
  • This year's repeat opponents in conference play: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. You know how we complained about having a tougher conference schedule than other teams near the top of the standings last year? Granted, Tennessee might be pretty good, but … that's not a problem this year. For better or worse.
  • The last time Mizzou opened a season with SE Louisiana, things went south. That's just poor planning right there. Fire Alden, etc.
  • I like finishing the season with Tennessee again (though I'd obviously prefer the game to be in Columbia then). I like the idea of certain traditions within the scheduling … helps rivalries to form more quickly.
  • This … really isn't that impressive a schedule. But it's unimpressive with a purpose: Only one non-conference opponent ranked worse than 226th last year, and only three ranked worse than 195th. Yes, seven opponents fell between 115th and 195th, which is incredibly lackluster, but as we've seen through the years, RPI punishes you for bad opponents almost more than it rewards you for good ones. And RPI still features heavily in the committee's decision-making process, whether it admits it or not. But yeah … not a lot to get jazzed up about here, other than that brutal road stretch in early February. Then again, you know what does get people jazzed up? Wins. This schedule should ensure that Mizzou starts relatively well in that regard.

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