Mizzou Links, 8-28-13: Hearnes exhibitions, another commitment, and the tutoring program

Coming to a Hearnes Center near you. - The Savitar

They're celebrating the 1994 team at the Hearnes Center over Homecoming (and in front of Devin Booker, no less), Mizzou apparently scored yet another commitment (No. 20), and we might be burying the lede with the tutoring program story.


The Trib: Tigers will play exhibition at Hearnes as part of '94 reunion
KC Star: Booker and son excited for throwback game at Hearnes
KC Star: Althetic director Mike Alden discusses future of MU’s Hearnes Center

Pretty sure we were begging for this in about 2009. This is fantastic.

Hey, Speaking of Devin Booker...
ZagsBlog: Devin Booker Breaks Down His 5 Schools

Hey, Speaking of players from the 1990s...
Niners Nation: Justin Smith appears recovered and ready for the 2013 season

2. Wait, we got another commitment? I can't keep up...

Hello, #20! Georgia athlete Tavon Ross committed, apparently. A (stop me if you've heard this before) diamond-in-the-rough type from Bleckly County high school, Ross is a QB/DB who is apparently being recruited to play safety in Columbia and likes hitting people. That's almost literally everything we know. At some point we're going to have to step back and figure out what we've got here with all of these recent under-the-radar guys, but we've got present-tense football to talk about right now, I guess.

PowerMizzou: Ross talks decision

Okay, we also know this: a) Ross is faster than his opponents, and b) these announcers are awesome/awful/awesome.

3. Three days

PowerMizzou: Notebook: Offseason is over
The Maneater: Game days disrupt Faurot Field renovation project
Mizzou Network: 1 on 1: Henry Josey Previews Murray St game
Mizzou Network: Gary Pinkel praises Mizzou Students at the Zou

PowerMizzou: Offensive line healthy and hopeful
The Trib: Pinkel feels lucky to avoid injury bug
Fox Sports MW: Missouri is eager to keep QB Franklin healthy

4. Profiles

Evan Boehm
The Missourian: Missouri football's Boehm taking after Elvis Fisher

Kony Ealy
Post-Dispatch: Tired of talk, Ealy wants to produce

E.J. Gaines
The Maneater: E.J. Gaines wants a vacation from his vacation

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Stat Spotlight: What slows the tempo?

5. Ugh, can't wait to be talking about this for the next month

Post-Dispatch: New book explores Mizzou tutoring program
The Trib: MU's tutoring program is chapter in new book
KC Star: Athletic director Mike Alden defends MU’s tutoring program

So I haven't really talked about this yet because I haven't been sure what to say yet. My two opinions thus far:

1. If tutors were doing work for players, that should be the major piece of this story. I don't want to make light of "rampant sex" or whatever, but that's the part of this that is most disconcerting to me (to put it mildly). The sex part makes me wince a bit in an "I wish that wasn't happening" kind of way, but if it's consensual, it's consensual. Hpefully the chapter in question details the "doing others' work" item properly instead of just passing along a "Someone said that someone was doing someone else's work" kind of thing. We might be burying the lede a bit here.

2. Again, we'll see how it's spelled out in the book, but if this is going to tie the Derrick Washington case to the tutoring program itself, as if the latter led to the former in some way, I might have an enormous problem with that. But I haven't read it, so I'm going to wait to say more.


Women's Basketball
MUtigers.com: Women's Basketball Releases 2013-14 Schedule
MUtigers.com: 2013-14 Poster Photo Shoot Preview
The Trib: MU women's basketball will host SEC big shots

I <3 Cuartero
The Missourian: Spanish Amateur champion returns to lead Missouri golf

Cross Country
MUtigers.com: Tigers Get Nod in Preseason National Rankings

Fan Poll
MUtigers.com: Department of Athletics Announces Fan Survey Results

7. Worlds collide

Food + Archer? FOOD + ARCHER.

The Braiser: WATCH: Alton Brown and Sterling Archer Beat the Ham out of Each Other

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