2013 Mizzou Walkthrough: White and Steward still searching for a role

Bill Carter

If Mizzou desires a bigger back, there are a couple of interesting ones further down the depth chart.

Greg White

#24 | 6'1, 220, Jr. | DeQueen, AR

2011: 11 carries, 38 yards (3.5/carry); 1 target, 1 catch, 13 yards

2012: 2 carries, 8 yards (4.0/carry)

MizzouRugby: A bigger back may be needed with the relative lack of size in the above RB’s. I see his role as a replacement Culver, and hopefully he can help contribute on special teams as Culver did.

The Beef: White has been an enigma the entire time he has been on campus. Logic dictates that Rugby is right. But for some reason, I just don't think we see White end up playing that role.

countrycal: For all the excitement the smaller guys can generate, I like to see some "knock ya down" size going into the line when you get inside the 10-yard line. I guess I am just too used to "old man football," but I remember Devine’s teams with Joe Moore, Greg Cook and Jon Staggers running the ball downfield and then Joe McBride and Jim Harrison just slamming into the line once or twice for the "in your face" touchdown. Since his recruitment I have hoped for White to step into such a Jimmie Jackson role, but it hasn’t happened. He still has two years to go . . . maybe it will happen yet.

Bill C.: Rugby is indeed correct -- Jared McGriff-Culver found a niche for himself as a blocker and third-down back, and while White isn't as big as Culver, he's the closest thing Mizzou's got to such a back. And if he's going to find a role for himself, now's the time.

Morgan Steward

#36 | 6'0, 210, RSFr. | Kansas City, MO

MizzouRugby: Learn from your elders.

The Beef: This is someone I was really excited about last year, though I did not mind the RS season. Perhaps he is the change of pace back we may employ. No matter what, I am eager to see him play and see what he has to offer.

countrycal: I second the Beef’s motion . . . someone call for the vote.

Bill C.: We've read at times about Steward's balance and vision, but obviously we haven't gotten much of a chance to se it for ourselves. The Staley High School product may have to wait his turn in this loaded unit -- that's what happens when you're looking up at three juniors and a sophomore on the depth chart -- but if he's patient, that turn should come. Mizzou has proven it will play quite a few running backs; the Tigers have also proven that if you make the most of your opportunities, you'll get more opportunities.

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