Bill Carter

Missouri 58, Murray State 14: Tigers move to 1-0 after early jitters

The Mizzou offense erupted, and the defense adjusted after some early struggles.

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Grades: Mizzou Defense

Your defensive MVPs for the week: E.J. Gaines (8.24), Michael Sam (6.84), Braylon Webb (6.55), Josh Augusta (6.51), and Kentrell Brothers (6.19). And, of course, Andrew Baggett on kickoffs (7.90).


Grades: Mizzou offense

Yesterday I asked you to grade each individual player on a 1-9 scale. Here are the results for the offense. Highest scores: Russell Hansbrough (8.39), Henry Josey (7.88), James Franklin (7.73), Evan Boehm (7.52), and DGB (7.28).


"Awesome friend."

"I had goose bumps," Ebner said of watching Josey’s long touchdown. "I’m just so happy for him, just to see him have his spirit back. This whole experience … I’ve seen how much of a man he’s become because of it." Just then, an SUV pulled up. The driver-side window rolled down. A hand reached out to slap Ebner on the back. "Will, I’ve talked about you a lot and how much you took care of that guy," Pinkel said. "No, no, no. It was all Henry," Ebner said. "Awesome friend," Pinkel shouted as he pulled away. "Awesome friend."

From Dave Matter's emptied notebook. We'll find out how good this team is in the coming weeks. But I think we know how tight this team is at this point.

Henry Josey gets the game ball

It's rare to get goosebumps for anything relating to an easy win over an FCS school. But it happens sometimes.


Tigers pull away for easy win

Impressive display Tigers!!


Tigers rolling 30-14

Well hello Russell Hansbrough
The Tigers are rolling . . 30-14


2013 predictions thread

It's time for the annual 2013 predictions thread ... with a twist.


Links: ONE DAY. And last night was great

Please let every day of the college football season be as fun as last night. Hoo boy.


Links: The Maxes (Scherzer, Copeland) and 2 days

Max Copeland's got big feet, Evan Boehm's a big baby, Max Scherzer's unprecedented, Gabbert's coming along, and the Hearnes Exhibition's still awesome. Oh yeah, and ... two days.


Mizzou, moments and people

"The moon has a face, and it smiles on the lake,
and causes the ripples in time.
I'm lucky to be here with someone I like,
who maketh my spirit to shine."
- Warren Zevon, "Don't Let Us Get Sick"


Links: Hearnes, No. 20, and tutoring

They're celebrating the 1994 team at the Hearnes Center over Homecoming (and in front of Devin Booker, no less), Mizzou apparently scored yet another commitment (No. 20), and we might be burying the lede with the tutoring program story.

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