Mizzou Links, 9-25-13: Max, Marcus, Miami, and the Whatchamacallit

Max Copeland

Mizzou tries to get/keep Max Copeland healthy, the Don't Call It A 3-3-5 dominates Indiana, and the Tigers' ball distribution is pretty outstanding.

1. Arkansas State in three days

Copeland and the line
PowerMizzou: Notebook: Move 'em over
The Trib: Missouri tries to keep guard up

PowerMizzou: A true backfield committee

Post-Dispatch: Lucas finds new life and Mizzou passing game has benefitted

Still wrapping up last week
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): SNAP DECISIONS: More blitzing, new-look front gives Missouri defense exotic look

* OK, so the Whatchamacallit defense is the one the Tigers went to out of halftime, with three down linemen, three linebackers, Simon the nickelback playing a Sam linebacker when one of those linebackers stood up at the line -- which happened on only 9 of 21 plays, by the way -- and four defensive backs. As you can see, before the 68-yard touchdown pass that signaled the end of its use in the game, it gave up only 45 yards on 20 plays. Pretty sporty. [...]

* I realize QB hurries are pretty arbitrary, but the stat crew had Missouri down for zero against Indiana. I don't feel that's accurate. So I quantified a hurry as when a Missouri player either hit the Indiana quarterback or forced him to throw significantly before he wanted to. Using those criteria, the team had seven as a whole, with Ealy notching three, Ray getting two and Hoch and Golden each getting one.

The Missourian: Missouri football defensive coordinator Dave Steckel clarifies scheme changes
PowerMizzou: Tuesday's Top Tigers
Mizzou Network: Tiger Top 5: Mizzou's win over Indiana

2. Aldon

KC Star: 49ers should have shown more concern for Aldon Smith
Niners Nation: Jim Harbaugh discusses Aldon Smith on KNBR's Murph & Mac Show

3. Yeah, seriously...

...glad you could so quickly handle Penn State's appeal/changes and all, but ... weren't you supposed to be done with the Miami case about a month ago?

State of The U: Hello NCAA!? Miami still waiting...

4. Oh good, this is still a thing...

KC Star: Missouri isn’t only team singled out in ‘The System’


MUtigers.com: Volleyball Opens SEC Play at Home with South Carolina Friday

The Trib: Counting down the Top 25 (15-11)

6. "Learn to be amused"

The Braiser: Julia Child's Rules | Julia Child Biography

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