mizzou football code names 2013

below is the code name ‘depth chart' based on the posts i did in the walkthroughs... i only included players likely to play this season, although there is some solid talent coming up... if you have better ideas feel free to post them in the comments...

mizzou tigers (go rum tizzies)

head coach gary pinkel (regal pinky)



james franklin (jam knife snarl)

maty mauk (um yak mat)

corbin berkstresser (berserk tribe scorns)


henry josey (rye hen joys)

russell hansbrough (slasher ghoul burns)

marcus murphy (spray much rum)

greg white (her wet gig)

morgan steward (warmest dragon)


dgb (ignored her clambake)

marcus lucas (rascal mucus)

l'damian washington (lion taming handsaw)

jimmie hunt (mini jet hum)

bud sasser (drub asses)

darius white (rawhide suit)

jaleel clark (all lace jerk)

levi copelin (lip violence)


sean culkin (insane luck)

eric waters (irate screw)


evan boehm (heaven mob)

justin britt (runt jib tits)

mitch morse (chrome mist)

max copeland (napalm codex)

connor mcgovern (no veg mr corn con)

anthony gatti (taint ya thong)

taylor chappell (each troll apply)

brad mcnulty (mad blunt cry)

mitch hall (chill math)



kony ealy (any yokel)

michael sam (malice hams)

shane ray (arena shy)

brayden burnett (nearby nerd butt)

markus golden (el dragon musk)

rickey hatley (leathery icky)


matt hoch (hot match)

lucas vincent (scan vein cult)

harold brantley (hello brandy rat)

marvin foster (firestorm van)

evan winston (want venison)

josh augusta (has auto jugs)


andrew wilson (owl warden sin)

donovan bonner (ban noon vendor)

kentrell brothers (berserk then troll)

darvin ruise (ire and virus)

clarence green (genre canceler)

michael scherer (cram chiles here)

donavin newsom (venom and winos)


ej gaines (jag seine)

randy ponder (nerdy porn ad)

john gibson (big Johnson)

david johnson (john adds vino)

ernest payton (neon tapestry)

xavier smith (mirth via sex)


braylon webb (won by rabble)

matt white (wet ham tit)

ian simon (insomnia)

daniel easterly (steelyard alien)

duron singleton (dungeon nostril)

special teams


andrew baggett (wet badger tang)


christian brinser (tarnish inscriber)

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